Monday, July 10, 2017

The Cafe Carnegie

After we finished The Power of Poison exhibit at the Carnegie Museum, we both were really hungry so we decided to eat at The Cafe Carnegie. It's in the same area as the previous museum restaurant, but the space has been redesigned and there's an all new menu from Dinette's Chef Sonja Finn, who is also Consulting Chef of The Café Carnegie. I think it just opened in early December last year - ? There's a coffee/wine bar area and beyond that, the restaurant area. I recall a neutral color scheme, grays and browns. and wood tables. It was very relaxing and inviting, perfect to take a break from browsing the exhibits with lots of other people and kids. If only people wouldn't bring babies to a museum and let them wail at the top of their lungs for 5-10 minutes (at least take your wailing child out of a restaurant). We were so annoyed because we had just escaped screaming toddlers having meltdowns only to have our relaxing brunch get off to a horrid start with ear piercing baby screams. Ugh.

SP ordered fresh iced tea, I was OK with water. Here's what we ordered and enjoyed:
Watermelon & Cucumber Salad (Watercress, Scallions, Feta, Mint, Sherry Vinaigrette). This was yummy and summery. There were 4 thin, juicy watermelon wedges, crisp cucumber ribbons, salty feta, and a tasty, tangy dressing.
SP chose Roasted Chicken & Mushroom Crepes (English Peas, Leeks, Thyme, Bechamel, Raclette Cheese, Summer Lettuces). He really liked it. I tried a bit and agreed with his assessment that it was a really tasty chicken pot pie filling inside crepes.
I chose Croque Madame (House Cured Ham, Gruyere, Asparagus, Mornay, Egg in the Hole on Pullman). So good. I only let SP have a small bite. The bread was fantastic.
As always I asked for my egg yolk to be not runny. Our server didn't think they could do that, I was a little confused as to why, especially when he said something about they put it on top, but I went with this dish anyway and in the end, the yolk was cooked how I like it, so I remain confused but happy.

We both really enjoyed our food at The Cafe Carnegie. I like the relaxing space. Definitely a good choice for lunch if you're at the museum, or even just in Oakland since you don't need to be visiting the museum to dine at The Cafe Carnegie. I'm sure some will complain about the cost, but it's no more than other museum restaurants at which we've dined and our food was tastier than some of those meals. We'll be back.

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