Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

It's almost time for another weekend. We just finished last weekend's 4-day holiday weekend. We started the weekend with a trip to The Power of Poison exhibit at Carnegie Museum. Above is the Golden Poison Frog. Such a cutie! It was a really interesting exhibit and we highly recommend it. Plus, there's dinosaurs at the museum, which we never tire of seeing.

SP's sisters were in town for the holiday weekend so there was a lot of family time. TXSIL and her family brought their puppy into town this time. Cody is a wonderfully calm, non-jumpy dog. But since they had Cody, they didn't stay with us this time. As usual, we had dinner with just them one night. We made hamburgers. Sadly, after SP did the shopping, I discovered this:
Thanks Giant Eagle for shelving and selling a bag of buns this badly ripped. OK, that might be slightly more ripped than at purchase time since I was annoyed and I poked at it, but it was at least a 3 inch rip when he got home. SP didn't notice when he bought them because of how the bag was twisted. I noticed it when I picked the bag up to de-clutter the counter a bit. Fortunately there was time to get more buns.
Last week SP emailed me this article. I was a little surprised because we rarely eat hot dogs. Usually only when they're leftover from buying them for some kids visiting and even then we usually just toss the leftover hot dogs.
Sure enough he said he had been craving hot dogs. I was a little sick at the thought of eating hot dogs. But he said he was going to go to Whole Foods to buy one of the "winning hot dogs" in the article and it'd be all beef, natural, no fake crap. He actually made it sound yummy. So I said OK.
And so we are eating hot dogs for 2 dinners this week. Above is my creation: toasted bun, lots of Dijon, Colby cheese, and a well browned on the grill hot dog.
His creation: grilled bun, Colby cheese, dill pickle, ketchup, mustard, hot dog. He ate a second hot dog bunless but with ketchup and mustard.

They were pretty tasty. But I'm OK waiting another 5-6 years for my next hot dog.

What We're Eating:

  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers (with bacon)
  • Pasta Salad with lots of tomatoes
  • Green beans from the garden
  • Dessert: Fruit tart, cookies

What We're Watching:

  • We binge-watched the latest season of Silicon Valley.
  • We watched The Lego Batman Movie. It was better than we expected given the reviews.
  • We are enjoying Broadchurch a lot.

Nothing. No progress on the books or the magazine pile.

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