Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

This past weekend we finally used the dried pasta we bought at Il Corvo in Seattle last September. Sometimes we're not so great at using food we buy on vacation. I think there might still be a bit of Stumptown coffee in the pantry - that'd be 3 years old now (from the Portland, OR trip).

We went to see Spiderman Homecoming. We enjoyed the movie. I always say it's a good movie if I don't glance at my watch to see just how much more there is. I didn't look at my watch at all.

My parents are in Las Vegas. They were not looking forward to the heat but were happy to escape the rain we've been having here. Of course when I turned on one of the weather channels, I saw a flash flood warning for Las Vegas and the radar showed yellow-orange-red storms over the area!

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:

  • We watched the 8-episode Feud: Bette & Joan, finally. It's been on the DVR since it aired in March. I never had a favorable opinion of Joan Crawford but now, after seeing this show on FX, wow was she ever an insecure, scheming, witch! Of course by the end of the last episode, I was a little teary and almost felt bad for her. I've always been more of a Bette Davis fan. 
  • Game of Thrones is back! That opening scene! That ending scene! I think SP is turning me into a nerd. Soon I'll be reading the books and complaining that George RR Martin hasn't finished writing book #6 and that the HBO series has passed the books.
  • While many seem to be freaking out that Jodie Whittaker is the next Doctor Who (oh no! a woman!), we're enjoying her work in the third season of Broadchurch. It's nice to have the new crime to investigate while also seeing how everyone from the first season is moving on (or not) from the crime in season one. (I don't watch Doctor Who so I don't care who the next doctor is. SP watches and is fine with the new Doctor Who and thinks people should get a grip.)

What I'm Reading:
House of Spies, the latest from Daniel Silva, became available. I made SP pick it up the day I found out it was ready for pick up (Thursday) and I finished the book on Sunday. I would have finished it earlier if we hadn't had weekend plans, like seeing a movie and dinner with friends. Many authors whose series I read seem to phone it in after a while, but Silva doesn't. Can't wait for the next one (hopefully the Allon books aren't finished).

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