Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Black Tea Cherry Popsicles

Our second homemade popsicle attempt was these Black Tea Cherry Ice Pops.
The thing I like about popsicles is that they're quick and easy to make.
The thing I don't like is that many "recipes" use an ingredient I can't stand: coconut milk. Or some kind of low fat/fat free yogurt, or some kind of fake sweetener. I just want fruit and a bit of sweetener. Like this recipe that SP found in a Costco Magazine.
Brew strong tea. Puree with cherries, sugar, and honey. Pulse in some more cherries. Pour into molds. Freeze.
The dark cherries make a very dark popsicle. Don't be like me and wear a white shirt when eating these! You can see tiny bits of pureed cherry in the popsicle. When we ate them, the first thing I tasted was the tea. That was followed by the cherry flavor. Then it finished with the honey flavor. These are really tasty. It's supposed to make 10. Since we have only 6 molds, we kept the leftover liquid in the refrigerator and refilled the molds as we "emptied" them.

Recipe here.

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