Friday, August 18, 2017

Kings Family Restaurant

Does everyone have a "place" that in high school or college they always hung out at with their friends? My brother's place was Eat'n Park. One year for his birthday, a bunch of friends each gave him a mug filled with enough pennies to buy a cup of coffee at Eat'n Park. For me and my friends in high school, the place was Kings for mozzarella sticks and coffee. When we'd all return during college breaks, we'd meet up at Kings. I can remember lots of ice cream desserts, too, and the time my friend L ordered a sundae but didn't want the whipped cream so my friend C asked if she could have L's whipped cream in a bowl and the server looked at them suspiciously and asked if they were going to do something weird with the whipped cream. C turned bright red and stammered that she just really liked whipped cream.

I hadn't been to Kings in years until a few weekends ago when, after a Saturday morning spent coloring my hair, we were super hungry and decided to grab lunch instead of heading home. There was a lot of debate. Fast food like Wendy's? I'm a sucker for the junior bacon cheeseburger. Pizza? SP swore there was a great pizza place between The Dairy Bar and the library. (If you grew up in the township we grew up in, you'll know where I mean when I say The Dairy Bar.) Too late we thought of Aladdin's but we had no desire to try to turn around on Rte 19. We ended up deciding on Kings for my nostalgia and because SP, I think, had never been there. ????!!!!
Sadly, this time there was no coffee. No mozzarella sticks. No whipped cream shenanigans. SP tried the Ham It Up! Omelette (diced ham smothered in oozing cheddar jack cheesy goodness) with fruit cup and 2 blueberry pancakes for his sides.
I chose the Morning, Noon and Night Melt (bacon, ham, 2 fried eggs and apricot-bacon jam and American cheese, between 2 slices of sourdough bread) with hash browns on the side.
Thank goodness our server suggested getting the apricot-bacon jam on the side. I liked, but didn't love the jam, it and it was actually a little too sweet for me. For me, it was a huge sandwich. I managed to finish it, but I was stuffed. I also ate the crispy, brown bits of the hash browns. That's the best part!
It was a decent brunch and our server was very friendly and I appreciate the heads up on the apricot-bacon jam. This Kings has been around for a very long time so I suppose it's not surprising (but still sad) that it looks kind of rundown and not super clean. I'm sad that some things like the Frownie are gone and I could swear once upon a time they served many flavors of ice cream, sometimes atop waffles -? Maybe I'm misremembering the ice cream and waffles.

Anyway, it was nice to take that little walk down memory lane.

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