Friday, September 15, 2017

Chicken Saltimbocca Panini

This summer our herbs did not do as well as in previous years. Except for the sage, everything looked sad. Not bright green, not growing like gangbusters. The sage was bonkers. Huge and green and happy. So one week, for a quick dinner, we made Chicken Saltimbocca Panini.
We cooked the chicken on Sunday to make sandwich night even easier & faster. Take a ciabatta roll (or torta roll), layer on sliced chicken, prosciutto, chopped fresh sage, and fontina. Cook in panini press. We don't have a panini press, so we dug out my ancient George Foreman, which works in a pinch. You can also use a skillet and plop a cast iron pan on top the sandwich, then flip to do the other side. These were yummy! Saltimbocca has become one of our favorite flavor combinations so hopefully, the sage will survive inside over winter.

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