Monday, September 11, 2017

Pike Place Market

Last September, we visited Seattle. It was a wonderful trip. I've been thinking a lot about it lately, especially since I had some unfinished posts from our trips to Pike Place Market sitting in the draft folder. Whoops. Since it's been a year, the details are a little fuzzy, but I decided to finally share the photos and hopefully I'll be able to remember what each photo is! We had a lot of fun wandering through the market, up and down into the different levels and getting lost at times. Fortunately, it was within walking distance from our hotel, so we were there nearly everyday, just to explore a little more, or pick up a breakfast treat.
Rachel the Piggy Bank is the mascot of Pike Place Market. She has been “bringing home the bacon” for The Market Foundation since 1986, raising more than $200,000 and counting, to support social services in Pike Place Market.
You can't go to Pike Place Market and not stop by the original Starbucks. For us, "stop by" meant we walked past a lot but never went in. Why? Long lines and neither of us likes coffee that much (although we both really like their iced tea). Plus, walk 1-2 blocks in any direction and you can find a less busy Starbucks.
So many beautiful flowers, including one of my favorites, the sunflower.
The second bronze pig, Billie.
We stopped in twice for a ginger beer. It was always not the right time for a cocktail (for us) though we would have liked to try one (or two). 
I think we tried Cucumber-Tarragon. It was yummy and gingery.
The second time we tried (I think) Blood Orange Ginger Beer:
 There's a crepe place (Crepe de France) so we had a crepe snack:
Ham & Cheese. Yum.
We walked past Beecher's Cheese a lot and always stopped to watch:
A pickled goodies place:
Britt's Pickles. Pickles, kraut, kimchi and more!
And fish. So much fish.
And other seafood delights:
Yum. Lobster:
I didn't eat lobster in Seattle, but I did eat lots of this:
And yes, Pike Place has the Flying Fish place, where fish did fly, but you have to be there just at the right time and stand in a huge crowd of tourists gawking and trying to film to fish flying and honestly, it's pretty annoying! I didn't get a video. Or a photo.
This one wanted to escape.
Lots of seafood. Lots of fruits and veggies:
There were foods I'd not heard of, like rambutans. It's an edible fruit produced by a medium-sized tropical tree and is related to several other edible tropical fruits including the lychee.   
Of course we had to sample some Piroshky Piroshky treats. 
Like a huge Potato & Cheese Piroshky:
 Blurry cell phone photo, but the interior of the piroshky:
I think this was an Apple-Cinnamon roll, which we took back to the hotel for snacking.
Looking through the glass at Cinnamon Cardamom Braids:
 Following the Pig's Feet:
I don't know where the other photos are but we enjoyed other things, too. I fell in love with the MarketSpice Cinnamon-Orange Tea. I really, really like it, so much so that last year for a holiday gift SP ordered me some from the Seattle store. There's a bakery, Cinnamon Works, where I bought and enjoyed an enormous snickerdoodle that was one of the best bakery cookies I've ever eaten.

While we sampled a lot, there's still a lot we didn't sample. I guess we need to go back?

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