Monday, September 18, 2017

Scalloped Potatoes

We make these Weekday Scalloped Potatoes from Cover & Bake a few times a year during the colder months. They're easy and yummy - the best scalloped potatoes ever, in my opinion.
The hard part is peeling and slicing all the potatoes. A food processor helps with the slicing part.
Everything is cooked in a pot before being dumped into a baking dish. There's no flour because the starch from the potatoes naturally thickens the sauce as everything simmers in the pot. Using as much chicken stock as heavy cream lightens the sauce up a bit. The thyme and bay leaves help spruce up the sauce.
After dumping the potatoes and sauce in a baking dish, the cheddar cheese is sprinkled on top and it goes in the oven for 20-30 minutes. 
They're not too cheesy, just right. Lots of flavor from the chicken stock and the thyme.
Easy. Yummy. And it makes a lot - for the two of us, it's one of our sides for 4-5 meals. These reheat nicely.

Recipe here.
*as always, we omit the garlic
*sometimes we used dried instead of fresh thyme

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