Friday, September 1, 2017

Thursday Thoughts on Friday (Again)

I forgot about Thursday Thoughts yesterday. Oops.

I'm feeling better, but not completely better, from all the stomach distress. This week has been about surviving the stomach crap. I didn't go out last weekend, I stayed in all weekend.

We fixed the cell phone problems. Once upon a time, I worked for a cell phone company and had an employee plan. Eventually, I added my mom, and then my dad, to the plan. After I left the company, I kept our cell service with that company (but obviously not at the employee discount). When SP & I moved in together, we had different cell phone providers. Eventually, we consolidated our accounts with my provider and made him the primary on the account, keeping my parents on the plan. Every January, they write us a check to cover their part of the bill for the year. We have had our plan for many, many years. It's one of those no longer offered plans. One of those "when you upgrade your phone you'll have to change plans" things. And we didn't want to change plans because it was so inexpensive for my parents, who just want to make and receive calls when they aren't home, if necessary.

We had managed to avoid the dreaded plan change by acquiring new phones through sources other than the actual cell service provider. But then, the cell phone spirits conspired against us. First, SP's phone died after Hawaii. Just went black one day. No warning. Just dead. No tech voodoo could revive it. So he started using his old phone, but it was super slow and one day when we were using it to navigate, it was lagging 3-5 miles behind where we actually were. Not helpful. So my phone became the navigating phone. But then sometime during our niece's birthday party, as it was (supposedly) sleeping, safely tucked in my cross body, which was tucked into the wheelchair bag, something caused it to overheat and die. It was fine when we arrived. Three hours later, it was super hot and dead, dead, dead, impervious to any voodoo. So I started using my old phone. Ugh.

Thus began a week of research and consultations. In the end, my parents decided to upgrade their phones to smartphones (so SP & I are teaching them how to use their phones!) and we upgraded our phones and we changed price plans with everyone in agreement about what we needed.

It's really nice to have a shiny, new cell phone. Everyone has them securely nestled in protective cases and my parents have been practicing calling and texting me. You can imagine my joy at all the "hi" and "testing" texts I've been receiving! Anyway, this weekend we have to stop by their place & make sure dad set up the wi-fi properly and teach him how to use his phone to play music.

So that's been the past week: stomach distress and new cell phones.

What We're Eating:

  • Grilled chicken with rice and grilled green beans
  • Egg-cheese-ham toast sandwiches
  • No dessert for me, only salt-free pretzels if I feel the need to snack

What We're Watching:

  • We finished Iron Fist on Netflix, which was better than we expected given reviews but not as good as the other Marvel shows they've made. The writers don't seem to be able to develop Danny's character beyond boy still angry someone killed parents/boy is Iron Fist and it's his destiny to defeat The Hand. I swear that's all he says.
  • After finishing Iron Fist, we watched the 8 episodes of The Defenders, which was a lot of fun, especially the scenes with all 4 of them together fighting. Danny's character was better, but still pretty one dimensional.
  • Game of Thrones. I cheered aloud and clapped when Sansa and Arya played Littlefinger. Whoo! I cheered Sam & Bran's conversation even though we pretty much already knew what they said aloud. I am against Jon & Dany together. And I yelled at the dragon to stop it at the end of the episode. Can't believe I have to wait such a long time for the final season.

What I'm Reading:

  • The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter. I really enjoy her books and this was no exception. It was kind of dark and twisty and sad. But also hopeful and uplifting.
  • MatchUp - It's 11 short stores from 11 female thriller writers paired with 11 male thriller writers and edited by Lee Child )who writes the Jack Reacher books). 

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