Monday, October 23, 2017

Butcher and the Rye

The new season of Broadway shows started this past week and for show #1's dinner, we decided to go to Butcher and the Rye. Despite saying it is one of our favorite places, we realized we had not been there in 14 months. We were surprised, but after thinking a bit, we remembered that the last time we were there, we were a little disappointed. The Brussels weren't as good as usual, the Sunday gravy didn't seem to have much lamb in it, the cauliflower was a little too crunchy (which meant when I speared a floret, it didn't spear and instead shot off my plate in all its fiery orange-red harissa glory onto my cream colored blouse), and all of our small plates arrived within 5 minutes of each other which was overwhelming. We were in & out in 45 minutes that time.

I am happy to say that this visit was a much better experience. Our server paced the arrival of our many small plates and they were again so yummy that we ate way too much, waddled home, collapsed on the couch in a food coma, and fell asleep.

Drinks (pictured above): I started with Rosé All Day (Belvedere vodka, rose, strawberry, lemon, sparkling rosé) and SP had a Dancing Mushroom, which was on the cocktail specials list. It was a rye bourbon, I think, and I think the rim had tiny bits of dried mushroom on it. My rosé drink was so darn good. It'd be way too easy to drink 4-5 of them!

Here's what we ate:
Crispy Octopus Special, with fried chickpeas and other stuff I forget but oh my gosh I am a huge fan of fried chickpeas these days.
Why do Brussels never photograph as anything other than black blobs? Brussels (brown butter, dill, parmigiano reggiano, preserved lemon aioli). So. Good. Crispy. Dilly. Lemony.
As if I'd not order the Hand Pulled Burrata (plums, watercress, extra virgin olive oil, vincotto, pine nuts). Cool, creamy cheese.
Crispy Pig Wing (Thai chili sauce, pickled mango salad, peanuts, cilantro). Such tender, delicious piggy. Oink.
Time for more cocktails! Kentucky Tea Party Punch (Jim Beam Double Oak, Pimms No. 1, Orange Pekoe Tea, Lemon, Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters)  for me and Glasgow Shandy (Auchentoshan American Oak, Apricot, Lemon, Sage, Full Pint White Lightning) for SP.
Cauliflower (roasted farro grain, romanesco, baby carrots, pine nuts, brown butter, harissa yogurt). Oh this is so good. This is one we fight over it's so good. We attack with gusto and scrape the plate clean. And this time, no florets shot onto my shirt.
Mac N Cheese (taleggio, fontina, goat cheese, cheddar, parmesan). Look at those golden bread crumbs on top. OK, yes, I had a huge bowl of mac & cheese last weekend that gave me 3-4 lunches last week and yes, we ate pasta and meatballs for 4 dinners the week before that and yes, there I was, ordering more mac & cheese. But it's so creamy, and this blend of cheese is so good.
Sunday Gravy (tomatoes, lamb neck, olive oil, ricotta, warm country bread). One of my favorite dishes ever. Love the grilled bread. Love the lamb in red sauce. And this time, lots of lamb and lots of cheese in that bowl.
Pasta is filling and we wanted dessert, so we brought a little more than half the mac n cheese home, and a generous spoonful of the lamb. That way, we could enjoy Apple Fritters with maple ice cream. I don't remember the rest of the description. I just remember apple fritter goodness and ice cream that was smooth with a lovely, not overwhelming maple flavor.

I am shocked and a little horrified at how much food I ate! But it was all so good. The cocktails, too. Butcher and the Rye is one of a very few places I'll order a cocktail because they are so well executed. To me, a lot of places serve overly sweet or too weak/too strong cocktails. Butcher and the Rye gets them just right. Our server was great, too. I was surprised to see we were there 2 hours but that's because he did a great job of pacing all our small plates. I'm looking forward to our next visit.

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