Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Checkerboard Icebox Cookies

The second cookie we tried from The Perfect Cookie is these Checkerboard Icebox Cookies. I've always wanted to make these, even bookmarking the recipe in other cookbooks we own. I've always marveled at the different colored/flavored squares fused together. It was like magic - how did they get that checkerboard?!
It's actually quite easy. And the end result is really tasty. I really like these cookies! They're not too difficult even though they look difficult. The nice thing is that you only make one dough, divide it in half, and flavor one half with melted chocolate and cocoa powder. The dough has to be chilled at least 2 hours/up to 3 days, so it can be made the night before baking, which is what we did. We made the dough Saturday night then all we had to do on Sunday was slice, bake, and enjoy.
The chocolate flavor isn't super strong, but it's strong enough. It was hard to stop eating these so they're a definite make again cookie.

Recipe here.

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