Friday, October 20, 2017

Industry Public House, Revisited

Last Saturday was a beautiful day - sunny & warm & very un-October-like. So when it came time for the "Where do you want to eat?" discussion, I had a suggestion: Industry Public House because of the outdoor seating area. We ended up sitting in what I think the hostess called the sunroom area, the area that is part of the building and can be enclosed/heated during cold weather but when it's nice, it's a very open to the sun & breeze covered area next to the outdoor patio.

The noteworthy part of this trip to Industry is that we actually ordered different meals. Usually, I order the same food at a restaurant. But this time, I tried something new.

Except for the starter. We again had the fried pickles. On to the new! I had a side salad:
Mixed greens, some small heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, balsamic dressing on the side. It was a good, fresh salad.
This time, I tried the Marconi & Cheese (extra sharp cheddar / smoked gouda / cavatappi/ panko / chives). Yes, Marconi, the Italian inventor/electrical engineer known for his work in radio transmission, not Macaroni, as in elbow pasta. There are a lot of menu items named after Pittsburgh's industrial past, like Westinghouse Chicken, Cast Iron Cobbler, Blast Pig Burgher, Fixed Gear sandwich, etc.

This was an enormous bowl of pasta. You cannot tell from the photo just how huge it was. After eating pickles and the entire salad, I was filling up. This was one of those dishes that even though I was eating & eating, it never looked like I put a dent in it. It was very tasty but I did have to dig a bit to get the creamy, cheesy sauce because it settled in the bottom of the bowl. The leftovers were my lunch for 3 days!
SP chose Reuben & Co (corned beef / house-made kraut / pickled onion / gruyere / 1000 island /  rye) with a side salad. He ate the entire sandwich and said it was yummy.

Our drinks: fresh brewed iced tea for both of us plus a bourbon cocktail for SP.

It's nice having another non-chain (2 restaurants in Pittsburgh only does not equal a chain) restaurant in Robinson. The outdoor patio and the open dining area are great for sunny, warm days. This time, our food came a little too quickly. I was still eating a pickle when the salad arrived and I had barely started my salad when the pasta arrived. I know I am a slow eater, but SP is a fast eater and even he was still on his salad when his sandwich arrived. We both could have used an iced tea refill as we were finishing up but that wasn't offered. The big plus: fresh brewed iced tea, not crappy fountain crap (but no sweetener on the table, none brought, and I kept forgetting to ask).

I'm sure we'll be back since Industry seems to have entered our "when in Robinson" restaurant rotation, especially on great weather days.

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