Monday, October 30, 2017

Sip of Europe

We spent one full day in Portland, ME which means we had only one lunch restaurant to choose but since we walked everywhere, it was decided by location. Happily, this little gem was on our walk from the Narrow Gauge Railroad to the Observatory: Sip of Europe. It's run by Yulia who is from Russia. She serves coffees and teas and crepes.

When we arrived, we took our time studying the menu and then ordered at the counter and found a table. Yulia brought over the above pictured treats: zephyr (or zefir/zephir). She told us it was a cross between a marshmallow & a meringue. That's exactly what it tasted like when we tried them. One second you're thinking, mmm, marshmallow, the next you're thinking, no, mmm, it's meringue. They were berry flavored and yummy.
Soon our crepes arrived. I ordered ham, mozzarella, and mustard while SP chose one with tomato, pepper, olives, arugula, spinach, pesto.
They were very tasty. I loved that mine had mustard seeds in it:
It was lunchtime and the crepes filled us up so we didn't try any sweet crepes, which I would have liked to do. The iced tea we had was very good iced tea.

We both really liked Sip of Europe and enjoyed talking with Yulia. She's a very nice person. We'd definitely go back and we wish Yulia well (I think Sip of Europe has been open for about 1.5 years).

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind review!
    Yulia, Sip of Europe