Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Spritz Cookies & Happy Halloween!

This past weekend we tried a new Spritz Cookie recipe. It's from The Perfect Cookie. We had a few problems with these cookies, as you can see below:
The recipe said to use parchment paper. But when SP used the cookie press, the dough wouldn't stick to the parchment. So then he tried the silpats, and like our other spritz cookie recipe, the dough wouldn't stick on the silpats. So he decided to press out the cookies directly onto a cookie sheet. But he didn't use a non-stick cookie sheet. After the first batch cooled 10-15 minutes on the cookie sheet, as the recipe instructs, we tried to transfer them onto the wire cooling rack but they were stuck to the cookie sheet. Nearly every cookie broke as we tried to remove them.

Meanwhile, the second batch was in the oven, also on a non-stick cookie sheet. I didn't let those ones cool on the cookie sheet 10-15 minutes. I took them off right away and had success.

Then there was the third batch:
See the dark cookies? Those are from the third batch. The batch that was pressed directly onto a dark, non-stick cookie sheet. We were so annoyed with cookie failure that we forgot that cookies bake differently on dark, non-stick pans than light, not non-stick pans and we left them in a bit too long. They got very brown:
The surprising thing is, the dark brown cookies are really tasty. The second batch is quite tasty, too. The first batch crumbles are pretty good for just crumbs. This is a really tasty recipe, we just need to figure out the best pans to use and the best cooking time. On the light metal sheets, the cookies baked 4-5 minutes longer than the recipe suggests and did not brown nearly as much as the dark pan cookies. But those dark brown ones - those are the ones we're fighting over!

We'll definitely make them again. Probably at Christmas.

Recipe here.

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