Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Street and Co.

We were in Portland, ME for only two nights and we stayed in Old Port, so we wanted our dinners to be walking distance from the hotel. There are so many restaurants that sound good, that have been lauded in magazines like Bon Appetit, or profiled on TV shows. How on earth to choose? Well, if you're in a wheelchair, it's much easier because a lot in the Old Port area are not wheelchair accessible. It gets even easier if you wait until just a week before to try to make online reservations because you cannot get a reservation.
Our first night, we managed to get a reservation at Street and Co. Imagine my horror after we were seated when I looked over and saw all this garlic hanging.
Street and Co. is off a cobblestone street (very bumpy for me!) and in an old building. Exposed brick, wood ceiling beams:
Wide plank hardwood floors:
It was beautiful. Casual. We were seated against the brick wall. Our table wobbled a bit, which was annoying and resulted in some splashed water messes until we drank some of it. They were no longer offering fresh brewed iced tea (apparently it's a seasonal beverage) so SP just drank water (he couldn't have alcohol because of a prescription) and I enjoyed a glass of white wine. Here's what we ate:
Bread - it arrived while we were reading the menu. Crusty, yummy, good for mopping up sauces from our meals.
SP started with Grilled Octopus with Organic Potatoes, Herbs and Paprika and said it was excellent.
We shared Watermelon with Crispy Prosciutto, Local Feta, and Arugula. This was really tasty and I had to try very hard to not eat it all and save some for SP (he was busy eating the octopus while I was eating this).
We shared a salad: Organic Arugula with Local Melon, Toasted Pistachios, Organic Peppers, and Mint Dressing. The salad was really good but the mint dressing was phenomenal.
I'm thinking SP had a special of the day because I don't see this dish on the online menu or in my photos of the menu. Mussels, clams, I think there were shrimp, too, in a tomato broth.
I chose Scallops in Pernod with Cream. It was served with sauteed zucchini and I think it was a barley and carrot pilaf kind of side - I remember it was really good. The scallops and the cream sauce were so good. I kept scraping the plate for all the cream sauce.
Of course I can't remember exactly what dessert was, but I think it was a vanilla panna cotta with currants (even though they look like blueberries). It was really good.

Wobbly table and cobblestone street aside, we really liked Street and Co. Our server was great, the food tasty, the meal nicely paced. We'd go back.

Street and Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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