Friday, October 13, 2017

The Yard (Galleria)

Several years ago, a restaurant called The Yard opened in Shadyside. It specialized in grilled cheese sandwiches. Yum. I love grilled cheese. I really wanted to go. But sadly, we couldn't go because it is not accessible. We park in the garage next to it when we go to Mercurio's and SP investigated one day, but we only saw stairs going down. Boo.

Then a second location in Market Square opened. Yay! I could try the grilled cheese place! But when we were in Market Square and looking for the entrance, we only saw stairs. SP went up the stairs to ask and it turns out, that location isn't accessible either. WTF The Yard? I know. You'll tell me it's not your fault. It's the landlord's fault, the building's fault, the building is old and not required to be accessible. Whatever. Two non-accessible locations pretty much make me hate you.

Then we found out a third location was opening, this time in The Galleria. Hmmm... but where inside. Oh, where Mark Pi's was (or whatever that Chinese place was). Seriously? Because I'm pretty sure there are only stairs up to that place because it's the only place on the "3rd floor" of The Galleria. So we were really not happy with The Yard. We forgot about The Galleria location until Alex Instagrammed his meal at The Yard. I started thinking about it again. Grilled cheese.

So I went to The Galleria website and as I was looking at a map, I saw an elevator symbol indicating an elevator up to the space. Really? Hmmm. So we decided to investigate last weekend.

Turns out, yes, there is an elevator. Despite me spending time in The Galleria ever since it opened in 1989, it's possible I just never saw this elevator, just like it's possible SP never saw it, even though we've been to BRGR several times and waited in the waiting area right where the elevator is. It's possible we never noticed it. But we suspect it's a new elevator. So, yay, The Yard finally has an accessible location. Third time is the charm.

(Technically, the 4th time because they also have a location at PPG Paints Arena, but I don't think of sports arena locations as "real" locations because you cannot go without a game ticket and they often do not offer the full menu.)

(And yes, after some research, the internet tells me The Yard had to add an elevator, so it is a new elevator.)

We went last weekend. I think they've been open only 1-2 weeks. It's a pretty big space, bright, lots of televisions showing sports. Lots of high top tables but also a decent amount of regular tables, wood topped. Here's what we enjoyed:
SP had some kind of bourbon drink that was just OK. The Yard gets extra points for serving fresh brewed iced tea (that seems like a rarity these days).
SP chose a Pittsburghy meal: Pierogies N’At (Cheddar / Gouda / Fried Pierogies / Caramelized Onions / Sauerkraut / Kielbasa). He substituted tater tots for the chips.
He liked this a lot. The tater tots were yummy, too (I stole quite a few from his tray).
I chose Fried Green Tomatoes (Cheddar / Fried Green Tomatoes / Applewood Smoked Bacon / Chipotle Ranch / Arcadian Greens). I substituted the Mac ‘N’ Cheese w/Bacon Lardons for the chips. I also asked for the chipotle ranch on the side. Turns out it wasn't as spicy as I though it'd be and I ended up slathering quite a bit on my sandwich.
The mac & cheese was very creamy and saucy and had a good amount of bacon lardons. My fried green tomatoes were yummy. I would have liked a bit more cheesiness to my grilled cheese, but then again, I love cheese and usually overdo the cheese on my grilled cheese at home. Well, according to SP I overdo it. I think it's just fine. The tomato soup was good, too, on the thinner side of tomato soups, but a tasty "dipping sauce" for the sandwich.

Our server was super friendly and helpful. Didn't rush us at all, made some suggestions, was very positive about the restaurant. I'm not sure where he went later on because at the end, there was another server checking on us, clearing plates, handling the check (even though we still saw him zipping about). She was equally friendly and helpful and positive. 

We enjoyed the atmosphere and the food at The Yard and are happy they have an accessible location. We'll be back.

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