Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Halloween happened  and now it's November and almost time to change the clocks. How did that happen? Soon we'll be eating turkey & stuffing & pie and then putting up the tree and wrapping gifts.

We don't have kids and trick-or-treaters don't come to our street, so we didn't do anything for Halloween. I did think a lot about my grandparents, who got married on Halloween Day in 1945. I miss them.

I enjoyed seeing Halloween pictures, all the kids (and adults) in amazing costumes. Far, far better costumes than I ever had as a kid. I think for many years I was a ghost: a sheet draped over my head, eye holes cut out, and pinned up at my ankles so I wouldn't trip.

Yesterday we had early morning doctor appointments. Of course when we were driving into the city I mumbled something about donuts so when we got to the (formerly) pink house (Better-Maid Donuts), SP pulled over and ran in to get donuts. No apple fritters, but he got pumpkin spice and cinnamon roll. We shared them when we got home after the appointments. Yum!

Speaking of donuts, I recently found out that Party Cake in Mt. Lebanon closed and this makes me super sad because I love their paczki. Yes, the original location in Brookline is still open, but we are never in Brookline. Google tells me it's 20 minutes/9-10 miles from us but I have a hard time believing it'd only take 20 minutes. I can't think of a really, really good bakery/donut place in Robinson. We need one!

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:

  • Stranger Things 2! It was a crappy, rainy weekend so we snuggled up with hot tea under a blanket and binge watched the second season. We really enjoyed it. In some ways, I thought it was scarier than season 1.
  • Otherwise, the usual. 

What I'm Reading:

  • I subscribed to Smithsonian so I have an issue to read. As if I need another magazine in the pile, but it was a great offer and Smithsonian brings back memories of visiting my grandpa's house because he subscribed and I always enjoyed reading it during our visits and talking about the articles with him. 
  • The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye. I enjoyed it, although I kind of think maybe the Lisbeth Salander books should have ended when the original author, Stieg Larsson, died.
  • I just got the new Harry Bosch novel from the library and I am so excited. That's the plan for today - to immerse myself in Michael Connelly's latest.

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