Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Last weekend we went to see Thor Ragnarok and enjoyed it. Much better than the last Thor movie. After, we had dinner at Downey's House. I satisfied my fried food craving with fried zucchini and a cheesesteak sandwich. SP ordered fish and salad. I always feel so unhealthy chomping on my cheesesteak or meatball sub while he eats his fish and salad.

It's hard to believe that we've been in this house for 9+ years. We never got to know the neighbors across the street on the corner of our street and another street. One day they were there, then we heard a dog barking a lot so we assumed they got a dog, then one day Barky was gone, then he was back, gone, back, gone, back, then we heard from another neighbor that the husband left the wife, then the house looked abandoned, then it was foreclosed, and then it went up for auction. The people who bought it knocked on our door last July asking us if we'd sign a petition for the township saying we were OK with them changing the driveway from our street to the other street. Apparently the township needs neighbors to agree and then they decide whether or not to allow it. We said OK & signed.

Turns out "move the driveway from our street to the perpendicular street across from our bedroom window" really meant removing the old roof and old main floor, rebuilding the main floor, and adding an addition with basement level, main floor level, and second level plus all new roof, all new windows, all new siding, etc. There has been noise since July. Excavating dirt noise, truck beeping noise, hammering, chainsawing trees, jack-hammering concrete, more hammering, roof pounding noise, more beeping noise. Thumps and thuds. It's now mid-late November and we are getting annoyed with the near constant construction noise. It starts very early. It's on weekends. Lights shine in our bedroom window early in the morning. Trucks are always parked on the street in front of our house. It really is getting to me because I am the one who is home all day. There still are no windows installed and no exterior siding whether it's vinyl or brick or whatever. There are piles of dirt and wood. It dwarfs our house and the other houses on our street. It will be the most expensive house on the street.

I am calling it "The Monster." It's hideous. I despise it. I regret signing the petition but we were trying to be nice neighbors. Little did we know they didn't give us the full story. I can't wit for it to be done.

They better not bring a new Barky with them. Because with old Barky, I was ready to, well, silence Barky.

What We're Eating:

  • Sloppy Joes
  • Salad with Shrimp. For the week between birthday week & Thanksgiving week.
  • Dessert: Spiced Biscotti

What We're Watching:

  • We started watching Mindhunter on Netflix. Two episodes in and I'm still just meh.
  • The Punisher comes out tomorrow on Netflix. It's getting so-so reviews but we'll still watch it.
  • I watched A Ghost Story and regretted it. So slow & boring.
  • I'm looking forward to tonight's Shonda shows. 

What I'm Reading:

  • I read the 5th & 6th Mike Bowditch novels from Paul Doiron, The Bone Orchard and Precipice.

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