Monday, December 11, 2017

Chocolate Creme Brulee

Yes, my birthday was a while ago, but I haven't yet written about what I chose for my "special" dessert that week: Chocolate Crème Brûlée from Ina Garten's Cooking for Jeffrey. Our last few crème brûlée attempts were not exactly successful, so I wanted to try again. Plus, chocolate with coffee and kahlua - yum!
Our unsuccessful attempts all had the same problem: they were not set. Too runny. Like liquid. We figured we just weren't cooking them long enough. We've also been noticing some inconsistencies with baking times and at Thanksgiving with the turkey cooking time, so we're wondering if our oven temperature needs to be calibrated. We could do this ourselves, the manual tells us how, but... We just haven't.
Well these chocolate crème brûlée were definitely not runny! They were perhaps cooked a bit too long, but after the runny ones, we were OK with this thick, rich, dense dessert that was probably past custard status.
But it was so tasty, even if a bit overdone. Terrific chocolate and coffee flavor. You might notice the one in these photos does not have a caramelized sugar top. That's because:
1. We caramelize the tops as we eat them, so if they're in the refrigerator, like this one was, they don't have the topping.
2. Neither of our torches were lighting. SP kept using his can of torch re-filler stuff and playing with the torches and it was stressing me out because I was sure he was going to suddenly set something, maybe himself, on fire. Yes, we have 2 torches because we each had one from before we were dating. Yes, now we have 2 non-functional torches. I am sure SP would disagree with "non-functional" because on the first night he did eventually get one to light and he was able to caramelize sugar on top, but on subsequent nights, they again wouldn't light and we ate the crème brûlée without caramelized sugar.

We'd definitely make these again but not give them the extra time in the oven that we gave them because we feared runny custard. And maybe buy a new torch.

Recipe here.


  1. Chocolate Creme Brulee just looks delicious. Is there an option to make it suger free as well?

    1. I don't have a sugar free option. I suppose you could use an alternate sweetener, but I personally do not like the alternate sweeteners so I have no idea how to do a conversion/substitution. I'd rather use real sugar and watch how much of it I eat.