Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

It finally feels like winter. It's cold and there are flurries and I'm bundled up under a blanket but still cold. How many days until spring?

Last weekend was SP's work holiday party. This year it was at Heinz Field. It was a nice evening and we got to go on a tour of the stadium, into the Steelers locker room, and out onto the field (but not on the actual field, just on the path around the perimeter of the field).

Speaking of Steelers, I am so glad they defeated the much disliked Bengals but good grief that game was brutal. I was a little teary when Shazier was flat on the field, not because I'm such a huge football fan or super, duper Steelers fan but more because I was scared for him and it upsets me that a player's life has the potential to be so profoundly changed from something as seemingly simple as a football tackle. I know they know the risks, they choose to play. But. I hope he is able to fully recover.

What We're Eating:

  • Shepherd's Pie. Yum! I had forgotten how much I like this dish. Plus we used 2 of the 4 half bags of peas.
  • Salad. To make up for 2 weeks of pretty crappy eating habits.
  • Dessert: Snickerdoodles

What We're Watching:

  • I watched American Assassin and it was OK. I love the Mitch Rapp books and was disappointed because I thought the movie could have been so much more, much as I feel about the Stephanie Plum (books by Evanovich) movie and the Jack Reacher movies. The only books I always read and love that have been made successful on TV/in movies are the Harry Bosch books as Bosch on Amazon Prime.
  • I watched Shot Caller, which I thought was quite good.
  • Agents of SHIELD is back on TV and so far this season is much, much better than last year's stupid robot girl/framework crap.

What I'm Reading:

  • I finished Deep Freeze and enjoyed it.
  • I read the new Jack Reacher book, The Midnight Line. It was good, better than the last one which I found slightly disappointing, and it's a little... different. In a good way.
  • My magazine pile is down to 4. That's half what it was.

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