Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

It was kind of exciting last weekend when the temperatures got up into the 50's. Sadly, that seems to have awakened the stink bugs. One night this week, I got out my two madeleines for dessert, placed them on a plate on the kitchen counter, measured out the tea for our evening tea, turned around, and there it was, a stinky atop my cookies. I was so angry. Not just because stinky ruined dessert but because they were freshly baked madeleines using a new recipe and stupid stinky made me throw out 2 of the precious 20 madeleines.

After successfully hiding for 30 years, the High School Reunion Committee found me on Facebook. I have no idea how when I no longer use my maiden name and the only high school friend I've stayed in touch with knows how I feel about revealing my whereabouts to high school people. Surprisingly, SP did not get a FB Reunion Invite even though the person clearly knows we are married (the message said "love to have you & SP join us!" Puke. No way. I declined the invite then double and triple checked my FB privacy settings.

What We're Eating:

  • Roast Lemon Chicken, rice, and salad/broccoli/green beans
  • Dessert: Madeleines. Leftover holiday candy.

What We're Watching:

  • We watched Logan Lucky and it was more entertaining than we expected, especially watching Daniel Craig.
  • This Is Us had me crying at the end of Tuesday's episode. I don't know why I watch when it makes me cry. I guess because it's a really good show. I suppose I better have lots of tissues nearby for the post-Super Bowl episode.
  • If we were on Amazing Race, we'd still be trying to sail that tiny boat out to the buoys. That looked hard. I felt terrible for the poor Team Yale girl who struggled and then got bopped in the mouth by the metal pole and her front tooth chipped. Also, being the team member stuck in the stockade looked worse than being the team member who had to build the trebuchet.

What I'm Reading:

  • I'm caught up on library books.
  • I'm slowly making my way through the magazine pile. Very slowly. 

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