Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Homemade Popovers

Ever since SP gave me the popover pan, I've been wanting them every weekend. We have not made them every weekend. We actually have not made them in about a month and I told SP last night that we were going to fix that this weekend.
Light and airy and yummy. I'm surprised that when I first tried a popover 6 years ago, I didn't especially like it.
That changed on our trip last fall to NH and ME. I fell in love with the popovers I ate in New England. I was sad that I haven't seen popovers on any menu here in Pittsburgh. So the popover pan was a great surprise holiday gift.
I've read that you can use a muffin tin. I like the popover pan. It's heavier and sturdier than our muffin tins. It has straight sides. It does a great job of turning out mushroom shaped popovers.I like to peer in the oven window and watch them rise and pop over the top.
Fresh from the oven:
Kind of like choux dough for profiteroles, etc., very open inside. But a nice, browned, crispy exterior.
Sometimes we spread on butter and/or jam, sometimes we get some lunch meat and cheese and make a popover sandwich.
But mostly, I rip one open and start eating.
So. Good. We've only tried one popover recipe, from Baking Illustrated. So far, we like these ones so much that we don't really want to try the other recipes we have.

Recipe here.

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