Friday, March 9, 2018

Thursday Thoughts on Friday

I thought I'd have so much free time this week to write some blog posts, catch up on reading, maybe finally pull out the cross-stitch I've been trying to finish for 5 years - all because SP was out of town for work for 3 days and had a hockey game one night. So much alone time. But, nope. I think I've seen my husband for 3 hours in the past 5 days but I have not accomplished much during his absence.

Monday I tried to catch up on Netflix movies (the mail Blu-rays, not instant) but discovered the player in the living room makes a horrible humming noise and makes the entire entertainment unit vibrate. Of course SP didn't get home until after 10 pm that night. So Tuesday morning SP got the old one from the sunroom and put it in the living room (I do not touch any of the electronic gadgets/wiring that he has done. Nope. Not going there.). Turns out that player also no longer works - same issue. So I asked for an XBox/PlayStation/whatever those things are from the basement that can also play Blu-ray movies and I got a huge eyeroll and explanation about cables and disconnecting and reconnecting and time issues and hassles and my eyes glazed over and I said, nevermind, we'll go shopping next weekend, I just won't watch the movies, I'll read something from my pile of 6 library books.

Which is what I tried to do Tuesday afternoon. I closed the blinds so people driving by couldn't see me through the big front window, settled in my recliner, arranged my pillow just so, tucked the blanket just right, got Spotify playing on the stereo, had a little snack, and then tried to turn on a lamp to read. First I tried asking Google Assistant, but she couldn't do it. Grrrr.  Stupid thing. So I tried to use my phone app and then my tablet app to turn on the lamps but big fat NOPE. No lights for you. Why? Apparently the hub doohickey for the lamps died so nothing was getting any signal. WTF? Of course hub thingy is in the basement. So I had to actually turn the switch on the lamp to turn it on, which is annoying mostly because I cannot reach the switch when I am in my comfy recliner, so I have to remember to do it before I settle in or else I'll have to go through the hassle of transferring to/from the wheelchair again and going around to the side of the table OR the hassle of clearing off the table and pulling the lamp across the table without tipping it over or scratching the table (which I did, of course, when I tried that, so that's no longer an option). There also was the fun discovery that after months of using this hub doohickey I had to turn each lamp switch 15 or so times to get it to come on. I thought for a while I might have to light a candle to read. Or move to another room.

Of course Tuesday night SP had to pack for his trip and didn't have time to deal with the dead hub.

Wednesday SP left early for the airport and my mom came to take me to an early doctor appointment, then we went to the mall, then we had a late lunch at Bob's Diner. My mom ended up staying here to make sure I was OK/keep me company. She & dad worry about me by myself in the house.

Thursday my dad came over to watch Wonder Woman and of course I watched, yet again, because I love that movie. My parents took me to dinner at Downey's House and then dad went home but mom stayed and we watched Thursday Night TV together.

When we were at dinner, SP sent me an email asking if there was a beeping in the laundry room. Apparently Verizon somehow "sensed" that the back up battery in the doohickey in the laundry room was low and needs to be replaced. Fabulous. I can't get downstairs easily or reach that high on the wall and my parents are, well, they stay far away from the technology stuff in this house! I don't even get why Verizon requires us to have this stupid thing because we don't have their phone service, so there's no phone service to back up in a power outage. SP basically said there wasn't much I could do if it started beeping other than try to have mom/dad find what might be a mute button on the device. Great. Lucky for everyone, it didn't start beeping until around 8 this morning and it's pretty quite and pretty spaced out. Not like the day the basement smoke detector battery started beeping at me at 9 am after SP went to work and no one was around to save me from the beeping. Not until 7 pm was I rescued.

Why is everything malfunctioning?????

Now it's Friday, SP lands in about half an hour and he's coming home to a driveway & walkway that need to be shoveled. Lucky him! March snow! My dad did the walkway a bit but not the driveway.

We already had a super busy weekend planned but I guess we'll have to fit in some extra errands/chores.

What We're Eating:

  • Last Sunday we made breaded, fried chicken and macaroni & cheese with tomatoes, which we ate on Sunday and which we/I have been eating during the week 
  • I ate a blueberry pancake, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, and potatoes at Bob's Diner
  • I ate fried zucchini & the Philly cheesesteak at Downey's House
  • SP ate fried green tomatoes and deviled crab while on his business trip. I'm jealous. 

What We're Watching:

  • The usual. Actually, this week's shows that we both watch are piled up on the DVR.
  • Wednesday I watched Survivor with mom. I haven't watched that show in ages. I don't think I'll start.
  • Jessica Jones is back! 

What I'm Reading:

  • I read 3-4 magazines so I'm down to two.
  • I started a book but didn't get very far. I have 6 library books. Four are due by next weekend. Maybe we shouldn't bother replacing the Blu-ray player?

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