Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

Last weekend we went to see Waitress and then to dinner at Meat & Potatoes. We each had 2 cocktails. For me, my favorite Old Fashioned. For him, a special of the day (top photo) and then a Barrel-Aged Manhattan.
SP ordered a special of the day for dinner: Duck Gnocchi. I tried a gnocchi and oh my was it delicious. There was a runny egg on top the dish:
I had an egg, too, but I asked for my yolk to be cooked, not runny. My favorite sandwich, the 3 Little Pigs:
Look at it. Glorious. Pork schnitzel topped with pork belly, ham, Swiss, and an egg.
For dessert we shared Brûléed French Toast, which was very good. Apple, spices, soft, eggy bread, other stuff I don't remember...
Our indoor herb garden is growing like crazy, especially the dill, so we made omelets with dill:
Filled with ham and cheese:
Last week we made our favorite macaroni and cheese from Cover & Bake. I forgot to post a photo, so I'm posting one this week. We added tomatoes:
We also made breaded, fried chicken, which is one my favorite things, especially with mac & cheese:
In non-food news, we replaced the Blu-ray player in the living room but not in the sunroom. I doubt we'll replace the one in there.

SP got a new hub thingy set up so I can turn on the lamps from my phone/tablet or verbally tell Google to do it.

The stupid thing in the laundry is still periodically beeping. It just won't stay muted or off. So a new battery has been ordered.

Sometime this year we'll figure out a new mattress, a new car, and some other things. Everything is suddenly old and problematic!

What We're Eating:

  • Sunday & Monday were leftovers: macaroni & cheese, chicken, Meat & Potatoes
  • Tuesday-Friday: chicken noodle soup., Every day. For 4 days. 
  • Dessert: Leftover cookies/candy.

What We're Watching:

  • Worst Cooks ended. We liked both the final competitors.
  • Spring Baking Championship has started. The ombre cakes were pretty but using coriander or parsley in a cake? Weird.
  • We started watching McMafia. Just the first episode. So far, we like it.
  • March Madness Basketball starts tonight. I filled out my bracket. Tonight Bucknell plays. I'll be cheering for my school though I expect Michigan State will easily win.

What I'm Reading:

  • I have 5 library books on my table. Four are due this weekend. I've read 1.5. It's Thursday afternoon. I hope I can renew the books. Also, there are 2 more requested books ready for pick up. Yikes.
  • I read The Atomic City Girls. I liked it. I hadn't known about Oak Ridge and the work done there to develop the atomic bomb in WWII so the historic part of this fiction was interesting.
  • I'm halfway through Island of Sweet Pies & Soldiers, also set in WWII but in Hawaii not TN.

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  1. "Everything is suddenly old and problematic!"

    -- This perfectly describes me and my life right now. ;)