Monday, April 16, 2018

Pasta with Spinach, Ground Sausage, and Ground Beef

This recipe is a Giada recipe from a Giada Entertains episode a few weeks ago in which she hosted a 70's themed party. She said the inspiration for this Italian Helper was Hamburger Helper. I've never eaten Hamburger Helper but I remember the commercials with the talking oven mitt. I guess since my mom didn't work, she didn't take too many short cuts for dinner, or maybe my dad wouldn't have eaten the short cut food. My brother and I were never given different, special, kid-friendly food for dinner. We always had to eat what mom & dad ate. So Hamburger Helper wasn't in our house.
This recipe uses ground beef and sausage plus pasta, spinach, tomato puree, and lots of cheese (parmesan and mascarpone). It's really easy to make.
It's sort of a one pot meal since it is made in the same skillet in which the meats are browned, but the pasta is cooked separately so I guess it's a two pot meal - or rather, a skillet and a pot meal.
It smells great and tastes even better. Lots of beef, sausage, and tomato flavor. A little creamy from the mascarpone, a little sharp/salty from the parmesan. I didn't really taste the spinach, but I like that it is there for the veggie. I think next time we'd add more spinach. This time, we had some spinach on the side as a salad, too.
Definitely a make again meal. Easy, quick, tasty, comforting - the best kind of meal.

Recipe here.

*Note: personal preference, we omitted the shallot & garlic and instead used onion

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