Tuesday, May 22, 2018


This post is way overdue. Maybe even unnecessary because I've often remarked on the blog that Morcilla is one of our favorite, maybe our favorite, restaurants in Pittsburgh. We were sad in January when a burst pipe flooded the restaurant, causing them to close for renovations until this past April. While we couldn't go in February for SP's birthday, we were able to go in April for our anniversary.

SP continued making his way down the gin list while I stuck with wine. As usual, we ordered more plates of food to share than we really needed, but we ate it all anyway because it's so yummy. Some our our favorites are still on the menu plus we tried some new (to us) plates.
Like this fluke with toasted garlic. It was all SP's and he said it was delicious.
In addition to the usual beloved plate of Serrano ham with marcona almonds, we shared an order of Oxtail Montadito (caramelized onion, mahon cheese, baguette). I was so happy this was still on the menu because I love it.
Garbanzo Bean Frites (cucumber yogurt, za'atar, harissa). I think this is a new plate and it was very good. I loved the smooth, cool sauce with the frites.
Also new: Pimentone Cheese Montadito (mahon, idiazabal, manchego, queso de cabra, fermented iberian chili, piquillo peppers, cucumber, dill). SO GOOD. I cannot decide if this is my new favorite or if the oxtail is still my favorite. I hope this is never, ever, ever taken off the menu.
Mid-meal, more wine for me and a new gin drink for SP, with floating star anise and citrus wedges.
We finished our "dinner" with the Costillas de la Matanza (baby back pork ribs, pomegranate sherry caramel, scallions, coriander, crunchy black olive), which we have enjoyed on previous visits, and an Artichoke-Cheese Gratin dish. It was so cheesy and delicious. A woman at a table near us kept going on & on how it was so rich she needed bread to cut the richness, blah, blah. We think she was crazy. We didn't want bread, not once, we just ate the cheesy artichokes and spoon-fought over the last bits in the bowl.
Churros are still on the dessert menu so of course we ordered them, along with cappuccino, and when we were there, there was also a lemon dessert (I think it was lemon because SP loves lemony desserts). I don't think it was a creme brulee, maybe a flan? Something like that. It was good, but not as good as the churros in chocolate hazelnut dipping sauce.

So the "new" Morcilla is just as lovely & delicious as the "old" Morcilla. We're glad it's open and are looking forward to a summer visit.

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