Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

It has finally warmed up - maybe a little too much! I don't think of 80+ degrees as being spring but it sure beats winter and snow in April. It's nice to not have cold toes inside. Of course our weird little house heats up quickly so we had to turn on the a/c when it hit 77 inside. And no, I won't open the windows. For one, we don't have the screens in. For two, even with the screens in, wasps and other evil critters wiggle their way inside. And for three, I have bad allergies and all the pollen blowing in really sets off my allergy attacks.

I was excited to go in the sunroom today. That is, until I was in the sunroom and realized we haven't cleaned it since last October, not even after using it at Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, so it is super dusty, there's holiday glitter sparkling in the sunlight, some food smears on the tables, and dust, did I mention the dust? You can write messages in the dust. Eeew. So cleaning the sunroom is on the weekend chore list. Along with so many other things. Ugh.

Last weekend we saw The Avengers: Infinity War. We both enjoyed the movie. Of course, we've seen all the preceding Marvel movies leading to this one, we knew all the stories and what had been going on, and we knew going in that this movie was part one of two. That being said. for us, it was a good movie and we're looking forward to next May for part 2. I can understand the criticisms of the movie. But seriously how can you not cheer/clap when Captain America shows up for the first time? Just from the silhouette, you know who it is. Or when Thor joins the others? And how can you not feel all the feelings at the end if you've seen all the other movies and understand the relationships? Yes, I got a little teary. I mean, I can kind of guess what comes next, but still. *sniffle*

What We're Eating:

  • Apricot-Mustard Grilled Chicken with spiralized zucchini, and olive oil bread
  • Ham-Capicola-Provolone-Tomato Panini
  • Dessert: Raspberry Shortbread Bars

What We're Watching:

What I'm Reading:

  • I'm trying to read the new magazines, but I seem to be losing.
  • John Sandford's latest: Twisted Prey

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