Friday, June 15, 2018

Julien Boulangerie

We got to our hotel in Paris right around lunch time. Since I had spent some time looking at restaurants near the hotel (we always like to know what is within walking distance), I knew there was a bakery just around the corner: Julien Boulangerie. So that's where we grabbed some lunch and our first treat. We walked about a block from the bakery and sat on some steps while we ate. I have no idea if that's acceptable behavior, but we were really hungry and needed to sit to eat!
SP had a Cheese Quiche. Those 3 rounds are rounds of chevre. He liked it a lot. It was my first taste of a stronger tasting chevre (to me), one that I am not sure I like.
I had Quiche Lorraine & it was delicious! Nice chunks of bacon. And cheese.

After the quiche, we ate the Raspberry Eclair in the top photo. Oh my. So good. Yes, I got the cream all over my face and a bit in my hair. But so fresh and flavorful and everything I expected from a pastry treat in France.
The next day, in between a driving tour of the city and a Seine River cruise, we stopped at the bakery and ate a quick lunch in our hotel. SP & I shared a ham, tomato, egg, lettuce sandwich and our second treat:
I think it was a hazelnut cream? I'm not sure. But it was delicious. I cannot decide which of the two eclairs I liked better.

There were many more treats from Julien Boulangerie (like croissants/quiche every morning for breakfast) but I didn't take photos.

So. Good. I would stay at out hotel again just because this bakery is so close.

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