Friday, June 22, 2018

La Cantine des Tsars

On one of our walks around the hotel area, we saw a Russian restaurant that specialized in pelmeni, dumplings from Siberia. They sounded interesting and looked like a cross between pierogie and tortellini, so we decided we wanted to try them.
I figured we'd go one day for a quick lunch but instead we went one evening for dinner. La Cantine des Tsars is bright & cheery inside with bright yellow and pink tablecloths and a little eclectic with framed pictures and mirrors and a large fancy looking chandelier. We were the only ones there. The woman who took our order and made our food in the kitchen was very nice.

Here's what we ate:
SP ordered salmon roe with blini. The blini were tiny and cute and yummy. I don't eat salmon roe.
We also tried this Russian black bread with tomato & apple topping. It was good.
We each had an order of pelmeni. Lamb for SP, pork for me. They look like dumplings, or tortellini, and are served with farmers creme fraiche, parsley and pepper.
We shared our dumplings so we could try both meats and they were so good. So good that we ordered an additional 10 piece pork bowl to share. I think the Russian lady was really happy we ordered another bowl. When she served it to us, she picked up the spoons we hadn't used and showed/taught us we were supposed to spoon up all the butter and creme fraiche. We hadn't finished all the sauce in the other bowls because, well, it's rich and fat filled! But we dutifully spooned up all the melted butter and cream with our dumplings.
A thin dumpling filled with nicely seasoned ground pork or lamb, boiled until cooked, and served with butter and cream. Yum. My taste buds wanted me to eat even more of them because they were so good, but my tummy said no, 15 is enough.

We were too full for dessert.

Not a lot of veggie in this meal, but that's OK because the pelmeni were so good. When I looked at their web site, I used Google Translate to read about the farms where they get their meat and about pelmeni and making them. I'd never heard of pelmeni before so it was very interesting. If we're back in Paris, I'd definitely stop in again.

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