Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Le Café Plume

It turned out that while we were in Paris, so was a friend of ours, B. So of course we arranged to get together for dinner. B met us at our hotel and since we all had done a lot of walking on a very hot day, we decided to eat somewhere close to our hotel. We ended up at Le Café Plume. We sat inside since the outdoor tables were right in the shining sun. I thought it was pretty spacious (for Paris) and relaxing.

Here's what we enjoyed:
Complimentary snack of crostini and I think a topping that was peppers? Maybe a bit of tomato? I didn't try it. SP did and liked it.
Beverages: Sancerre, Hendrick's Tonic Cucumber, Classic Aperol Spritz (Aperol, Frizzante wine, sparkling water).

There was a burrata & arugula appetizer, but I forgot to take a photo. It was yummy.
For me: The Chicken Paillard (cream of ginger, fried onions and fresh coriander). I didn't know what to expect. Chicken breast? Tenders? Parts? I never thought it would be chicken sliced so thin it was like lunch meat! It was a wee dry, but when eaten with the cream sauce, so good. That ginger cream sauce was amazing. So many chunks of ginger. One of those lick the plate clean sauces.
My Garnish (side): Heart of lettuce. I didn't expect a head of lettuce! OK, maybe an exaggeration, but there was a lot of lettuce in that bowl.
B & my mom chose Authentic Pepper Steak (flambé with cognac and black pepper mignonette). I think B said this was the first time he'd ordered steak et frites in Paris (he been there a week already and had visited before). Sadly, both were disappointed in the steak, saying it was chewy/tough. But B liked his frites and my mom liked her Crushed Potatoes with Olive Oil.
SP chose The Sea Bream Filet (marinade with fresh herbs and lime) and the side bowl of lettuce. He said the fish was good and he ate everything plus some of my lettuce.
SP's dessert: The Whole Lemon Emotion (lemon confit shortbread, lemon cream, whipped cream). Definitely an SP dessert and he said it was delicious.
B really likes chocolate, so he chose The Chocolate Sphere Valrhona (red berries heart and hot chocolate pot). The server poured the chocolate pot over the sphere:
He said his sphere was quite tasty.
I chose The Pie of the Moment but of course I forget which fruit were in this pie (tart?) other than raspberry. I ate the tip of my slice before the mug of whipped cream arrived (and before taking a photo) and then my mom swiped off the tip of my whipped cream. I thought this was very good. To me, it's more of a tart than pie (the French menu said la tarte, so English translation issue, maybe?) and it was the kind of tart I really enjoy.

So SP & I enjoyed our meals, B & mom not so much. But we all agreed that our server was great. She didn't speak much English but we managed, especially after she brought the English menus after we'd all been using our phones to Google Translate the French menus! She laughed a lot, with us, I hope, and not at us, as the crazy, tired, sweaty Americans figured things out. I'm not going to say that this is a place to go searching for, but if you're near the Louvre/Palais-Royale/Les Halles area (Rue Saint-Honoré) and looking for a place that has English menus, isn't snooty, is reasonably priced (in our opinion), and friendly & relaxing, then this place is a good choice. Also, for those in a wheelchair, the first floor is accessible (maybe a wee lip/step, I forget, but no problems).

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