Monday, June 25, 2018

Le Petit Cler

After a morning visiting the Eiffel Tower and Trocadéro, we walked over to Rue Cler to peek inside the shops and find lunch. We decided to eat at Le Petit Cler. There was outside seating available, and I wanted to sit outside because it was a nice day, because there was more space for the wheelchair, because there was a small step to get inside, but we were emphatically motioned inside. So SP got me up the step. Here's the thing: inside there are so many tables along the right side wall that there is no space in between them. Perhaps a half inch - and that is not an exaggeration. The servers literally pull the table straight out, tell you to go in and sit, then push the table straight back in and seat the people on the other side. If you are seated on the inside against the wall, do not plan to use the bathroom during the meal. If you are a frequent restroom user, make sure to not be seated first or you will cause a huge commotion going to and from the restroom.
A sunny, hot day meant water. We drank lots of it. SP & I also had some hot tea. I know, I said it was a hot day. But we had been in Paris 3.5 days and not had a single cup of tea so when we saw tea that was reasonably priced (for Paris) we couldn't resist.  
I had Earl Grey and he had a green jasmine. Really good tea.

Here's what we ate:
Tartine de Pain Poilâne Grillées: ratatouille with thon et capres. He said his ratatouille with tuna & capers was excellent. 

Tartine de Pain Poilâne Grillées: Croque-Monsieur. This was my favorite croque-monsieur on our trip. I was excited they served their tartine on Poilâne bread because I'd heard so much about the bakery & bread on Ina's and Giada's Food Network shows. It was a big lunch for me & I couldn't finish it all. But I wanted to. I think I ended up scraping off the ham & cheese and leaving some bread behind.

We were too full for dessert.

My mom was less enthused about the place. She had issues with the seating and being on top of the diners next to you. It was a bit hot and stuffy inside so she didn't like that, she wanted it to be air conditioned. She ordered a croque-monsieur as well but at the end of the trip she told me that after eating several in France, she does not like them, she finds them boring and too bready. If you also find tartines too bready, Le Petit Cler also offers several egg options, salad options, plats du jour, and meat a la plancha. I think tartines/bread are a great way to fill up before heading off to the next tourist adventure.

SP & I really liked Le Petit Cler. We didn't mind the seating, but next time I'd be more careful when allowing them to push me to the table because I ended up on an angle and my wheelchair legs were wedged into the pedestal/legs under the table, so I was even closer to my neighbor and I could not easily right myself, so I just stayed crookedly wedged.

Note that when it's time to leave (after paying) summon them to move the table. We started to get up and they rushed over chattering en Français which, of course, we didn't understand, but the point was clear: allow them to be the table movers!

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