Friday, June 1, 2018

Lemon Bars

SP loves lemon. He loves that tartness. I like lemon, but not a super strong, super tart lemon flavor. That's where we differ. He really, really wanted to make the Best Lemon Bars from Cook's Illustrated March/April 2018. I wasn't too interested. But I wanted to be a nice wife so I agreed to make them.
They're pretty simple. Shortbread crust. Lemon filling. The crust is 1/3 the bar, the filling the other 2/3. To get the best lemon flavor, they use lemon juice, lemon zest, and cream of tartar in the filling.
SP loved these bars. Me, not so much. It was just too much strong, tart, lemon flavor for me. The crust was delicious.
We would make these again - for the lemon lover in the house and for guests who love lemon. SP has a few friends who also tried this recipe and loved it.

Recipe here.

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