Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

Last Friday, another tree fell. Somehow it fell uphill. I know, maybe the wind pushed it that way, but I didn't think it would fall up the somewhat steep hill. So now we have to pay a tree company hundreds of dollars to remove it because it's not going to be an easy job (steep hill & no way to get a truck close to the majority of it). It's one of those super tall locust trees. The top part, thankfully, landed just right. Not on our house, not on the neighbor's shed or fence, and we didn't have visitors so no cars were in the parking area. I guess I'm happy that this past spring we paid to remove the white pines that were right where the top landed?
Somehow the news has gotten even worse, so I just quit it. Not watching it, not reading it. Weather only.

Speaking of weather, we are in for a stretch of 90+ degree days. Ugh. I do not enjoy summer when it's that darn hot. We haven't dined on the deck once this year. Every time we try, it rains or it is insufferably hot. On Sunday, we had everything outside and the table set, the burgers had just come off the grill, and it started pouring so we had to rush everything inside. Not even the table umbrella could save dining out because it was windy enough that the rain was blowing sideways.

My allergies are bad right now. Lots of eye twitching and throat clearing and sneezing. I was trying to not take anything, but I caved in the other day and took one Benadryl. Then I fell asleep for a few hours and got nothing done.

Last weekend we had a belated birthday/Father's Day + out of town family in town dinner at Central Diner. The cheesesteaks were yummy but I was a little disappointed in my cheesesteak. I think they changed the bun and it wasn't as yummy.

What We're Eating:
What We're Watching:
  • We spent the past week watching Jessica Jones Season 2 on Netflix. We enjoyed it though I'm not sure I like the character development for Trish.
  • We watched a couple movies: 12 Strong and Red Sparrow. Both were enjoyable and entertaining but nothing spectacular or "must see."
What I'm Reading:
I read 2-3 magazines. But then some new ones arrived and the moms gave me some to read so it's a giant stack ready to tip over.

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