Monday, July 2, 2018

Chez Claude

Chez Claude was another restaurant close to our Paris hotel and we went there for dinner one evening. We were seated right away, on the first level, near the large open window, but not outside or right next to it so we were happily shielded from the warm early evening sunshine and warmth. SP was not able to drink that evening, so he had hot tea (which he loves anyway, so it wasn't really a hardship!) while I chose a glass of rosé. For our meal, SP chose  the 3 courses for one price (starter + main course + dessert 26,90€) and I chose main course + dessert for 20,90€. Here what we ate:
SP's starter: Fresh Goat Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Terrine. He liked this a lot. I didn't try it because there was garlic.
SP's Main Course: Grilled Cod with pesto rosso & seasonal vegetables. He enjoyed this a lot, too, though I remember the pesto being pretty garlicky. I had told the server about my garlic issue and he was kind enough to let me know to not sample SP's food!
My Main Course: Cocorico (roasted camembert cheese, french fries, salad). It didn't occur to me until I was dunking fries in the camembert that I was eating cheese fries for dinner. Not very healthy. But quite delicious. And fancy, with camembert cheese. Yum!
We both chose this dessert: Fresh Strawberries with Mascarpone. Fresh, juicy berries and creamy mascarpone. Cool and light. I ordered a pot of tea for dessert, too. 
We both enjoyed our food at Chez Claude. The people working there were super nice & friendly. The menu either had English translations or there was an English menu, I don't remember, but it was nice to not use Google Translate. If we go back and stay at the same hotel, I'd return to Chez Claude.

(It's close to the Louvre and Palais-Royale.)

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