Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Le Compas

After spending a long day in the hot sun at Versailles, we decided to head to Rue Montorgueil for dinner, not just because there are lots of restaurants but also because there are bakeries and a cheese shop and we wanted more treats and more cheese. We decided to eat at Le Compas.
We sat outside on the sidewalk but I took a photo on the inside. I liked all the globe lights suspended from wood beams.

Our beverages:
Beer, sancerre, rosé. Mom and I got the large pours!
We munched away on these olives while waiting for our food. Here's what we ate:
SP chose duck with mashed potatoes. He said his duck was very good. I think those are chopped pistachios on top his duck.
I chose croque monsieur and a salad. I know, boring, but I didn't want a meat and potato kind of meal.
Mom chose steak & frites with bearnaise sauce for her steak sauce. She liked her fries and bearnaise sauce but said the steak was chewy. I tried a bite and I have to agree. It was chewy. I'm surprised that of the steaks ordered on the trip, we found them all chewy. So she was disappointed.

SP & I liked our meals, mom did not. Our server was super cheerful & nice and patient with us. It was definitely an entertaining dinner as at one point, the garbage truck pulled up to collect garbage (on a Saturday night at 6-7pm?!), and older man strolled up and down the street singing (free entertainment!), and we got to watch a bachelorette party with some women wearing angel wings on their backs and some wearing devil horns on their heads - ?!

Best of all, we made it to the bakeries and cheese shop before they closed and armed ourselves with evening snacks and breakfast. I miss cheese & croissant breakfasts!

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