Thursday, July 19, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

This weekend our new mattress will be delivered! I'm so excited. It better be the best mattress ever and last a really long time after what it cost. We've been counting down the number of nights left sleeping in lumpy and saggy. OK, it's not that bad, I guess, but since we're old, the dented parts are giving us both back aches. And neck aches. Or maybe I am just not properly using the pillow? Last night was particularly uncomfortable and today is extra ache & pain filled. So new mattress = lots of anticipation and excitement.

Also - we got a king instead of another queen. So we're excited for the bigger bed.

Last weekend we went to see Ant-Man & the Wasp. It was fun and it was good to see our friend T.

The yard guys cut the vines out of the junipers and I am so happy. It looked horrible, like a giant, leafy, green monster. So the tree is gone, the vines are gone (for now, but those things grow fast and take over everything). Slowly the yard is looking better. Kind of.

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:

  • We watched Season 2 of GLOW. We really enjoyed it! SP found a YouTube video of a real GLOW episode. I didn't watch all of it but... wow. 
  • We started Arrested Development on Netflix, the latest 8 episodes that were released in May.
  • Trial & Error Season 2 starts tonight! Really enjoyed season 1 so really looking forward to the second season.
  • The usual weekly shows: Sharp Objects, Succession, Animal Kingdom, and Six.
  • Movies: A Quiet Place (really good, really tense) and Pacific Rim Uprising (not as much fun as the first one).

What I'm Reading:
Magazines! I finished one of the Smithsonian issues. But then mom came to visit and brought a bunch of magazines, so the pile is huge.

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