Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

Last Sunday, SP caught the groundhog on the deck, eating our ripe cherry tomatoes. He was so angry. He stomped through the sunroom and threw open the sliding door and starting yelling at it to get off the deck. Then he stomped back inside, cursing the groundhog. Last year that monster ate the parsley, this year the tomatoes. We think it also ate the sunflowers we planted along the fence. We always plant them there, but this year something ate the sprouts and now they're dead. No sunflowers for me this year.

Monster. They used to be cute. But now I have rage and a desire to bash them with a shovel.

Sunday was also new mattress delivery day! Whoo hoo! Old lumpy was hauled away and brand new super firm arrived. It's much firmer than it felt in the store, so I am a little disappointed. I guess it'll soften up a bit but for now, it's just OK. The other problem is the sheets. We got an adjustable bed but since we sleep differently, we got a king bed but as 2 twin XL beds so we could each customize our side. We could not find split king sheets in the stores, so we ordered sheets online. They're just OK. I think they are a little rough/scratchy. SP thinks I am nuts. We did our sheets research and ordered what we wanted, material and thread count wise, but I'm disappointed. Sheets are not cheap, so I'm even more annoyed. We'll have to use these ones until they wear out (except I don't think I've ever had sheets wear out) and hope that the spare set we still need to buy is more to my liking.

There was another disappointing discovery this weekend: despite looking at the online menu and seeing it there, the Three Little Pigs Sandwich at Meat & Potatoes is no longer on their menu at the restaurant. I was so sad on Saturday. I had been looking forward to that sandwich all week. I kept flipping the menu up and down and all around, hoping it would magically appear. But no. I had to settle for a pasta dish. Don't get me wrong, I love pasta and the dish I had was delicious. But that sandwich was my favorite sandwich ever.

Saturday we saw Brigadoon and enjoyed it quite a bit. After the show, we tried to go to Picklesburgh but it was way too crowded. No way I was going to try to navigate that crowd in a wheelchair. So we went and sat in a park until it was time for our dinner reservation. I do not understand how people can enjoy being in crowds like that.

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:

  • We watched Rampage. The movie. A silly, summer movie. No brain power required. Gigantic, mutant gorilla, crocodile, and wolf. 
  • We finished the first half of the final season of Arrested Development, the 8 episodes that came out on Netflix last May.
  • Trial & Error started. We love this season as much as last season. 
  • We started watching Peaky Blinders Season 1 on Netflix.

What I'm Reading:
Magazines. Lots of them. I am down to one Smithsonian and I'm pretty excited about that. The article on surfing the world's largest wave was interesting.

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