Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Eric Kayser Boulangerie

Our Paris Food Tour started at Eric Kayser Boulangerie. Our guide bought a baguette for us, for with the cheese & saucisson we would later taste on the tour. It was a yummy baguette and we snacked on it back at the hotel that night, with the leftover cheese.
I could stare all day at bakery goodies. There is one thing I did not try while we were in Paris that I really wish I would have tried:
Chausson aux Pommes. Apple Turnover. I love apple and flaky pastry but just never actually ordered one. Look at that beautiful half moon turnover. Next time.

The above photos are from the Petits Carreaux (16 rue des Petits Carreaux) location. A few days later, we were walking around the Orsay Museum area, feeling a bit hungry, and we happened upon the Bac location (18 rue du Bac, Musée d'Orsay 75007 Paris). We stopped in and shared a snack:
A Tarte Chocolat Noisette Tart, a square of Quiche Lorraine, and a pot of tea (tea not pictured).
The quiche was yummy. Lots of cheese and bacon (lardon) chunks. It was a pretty big piece so I'm glad we shared.  
The chocolat noisette tarte was so good I didn't want to share. Chocolate & hazelnut. It looks like it should be obnoxiously sugary and dense but it wasn't. It was actually rather light. Not overly sweet. One of my favorite treats in Paris. I know. I say that about a lot of the treats I tried. I cannot pick a favorite, they're all favorites. I'll never be able to try anything new because when we go back, I have to gobble up the same things I enjoyed on this trip.

Note to SP: Notice I said when, not if.

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