Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Ladurée (macarons)

I'm still trying to wrap up the Paris trip food posts. I think this is, finally, the last one. It's also a really short post because I failed to take any photos when we were there and because we ate some without taking photos!

As part of our Right Bank walking tour, our guide took us to Ladurée, famous for their macarons. There is even a kiosk at the airport where you purchase your last minute macarons to take home. We went twice and tried 8-10 macaron flavors - so many flavors! As is usual, SP's tastes were citrus, green tea type flavors while I went for coffee, chocolate, hazelnut, Earl Grey. These were the first in France macarons we had (we've only had them from the French bakeries here in Pittsburgh). As it turned out, the Ladurée macarons were the only macarons we had in France! All the flavors we tried were delicious. 

Definitely a must try at least once if in Paris place. I wish we could have had more macarons, but as you can see from the other posts, there were just too many treats (choux a la creme, eclairs, chocolate hazelnut tarts, cream & raspberry treats, etc.). 

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