Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Poulet Bleu

Over Labor Day weekend, we went to dinner at Poulet Bleu, a new restaurant from the Richard DeShantz Restaurant Group. It opened last Feb-March, I think. We like to wait before trying newly opened restaurants. When we decided it was time to go and tried to make a reservation, we couldn't get a Saturday reservation at a reasonable time for something like 7-8 weeks! 
Poulet Bleu is in Lawrenceville, right next to Morcilla. We didn't sit outside, though the patio area looks amazing. We were inside at a table for two next to the wall - you can see the wallpaper pattern in the photo below:
Our beverages: Sidecar (VSOP Cognac, Curaçao, Lemon Gomme, Sugar in raw) for SP and for me,  Sauvignon Blanc (Complices de Loire, Touraine, France, 2017). SP really liked his Sidecar. I loved my wine. I ordered it because it was a sauvignon blanc from the Loire area. I knew that only sauvignon blanc from Sancerre can be called sancerre, and that Sancerre is in the Loire Valley region, and this was a sauvignon blanc from the Loire Valley so I was hoping for a similar taste to the sancerre I drank and loved when we were in Paris. It was similar! I told our server how much I liked the wine and how much it reminded me of sancerre and he explained to me that Touraine is a bit west of Sancerre in the Loire Valley. It was so good I had 2 glasses and later that night I searched the online Wine & Spirits Store database for Touraine sauvignon blanc.

SP also had a glass of rosé (Mourvedre Blend, Gueissard, Bandol, France, 2016) which was very good. I think Bandol is in the Provence region and I remember one of our servers in France telling me that the rosé from that region is famous. I took that to mean good. Also, the rosé from that region always seemed to be priced higher than other rosé!

Here's what we ate:
Burgundy Escargot (garlic butter, parsley, grilled bread).
I didn't try these (garlic) but SP said they were delicious.
I decided to try French Onion Soup (braised oxtail, cognac, emmental, gruyere). Oh. My. Gosh. Believe the hype. This soup was so good. Cheesy goodness. Browned, sweet soft onions. I had promised to share with SP, so I ate about half before passing it over, but I could have finished it.
SP's entree: Trout Almondine (Laurel Hill trout, haricot vert, brown butter, almonds, capers).
We shared a side of Aligot Potatoes (whipped potatoes with cheese). So good.
My entree: Parisienne Gnocchi (brown butter, confit tomatoes, mushroom ragout, pearl onions, gruyere). Light, fluffy, crisped edge. Lots of vegetables. Really good.

We shared a press pot of decaf after our meal:
And we shared dessert: Chocolate Souffle for 2:
It came with banana ice cream, cherry compote, pineapple, chocolate sauce, creme anglaise.
It was delicious but almost too large for us. We couldn't finish it. I was disappointed in us.

We had heard a lot of good things about Poulet Bleu. Like any place that seems to receive all positive reviews from the second it opens, we were a wee skeptical. In particular, after looking at the menu, I was nervous about being able to find something free of garlic (which was not at all an issue when we were in France). Our server was terrific about checking with the kitchen on garlic in the dishes I was interested in ordering. He was also very informed about the wine, not just explaining the Loire Vally regions to me but when SP asked about rosé and explained what we'd enjoyed in France, he knew which one to bring and it was excellent. He was also very personable. It was a leisurely meal, but it didn't feel like there were long wait between courses.

We'll be back.

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