Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday, thanks to Hurricane Florence, we cancelled our trip to north GA to visit my brother for a few days and then spend a few days in Asheville. We didn't want to be driving in a hurricane the entire trip (we were planning to leave tomorrow). My brother said he has his chainsaws and axes ready to go (in anticipation of downed trees since he lives on a mountain/in a forest and in the last hurricane ended up with about 30 downed trees blocking his road/driveway on the mountain). He also said they often lose power for days and that there will likely be gas shortages. I hope everyone in the huge projected path is OK. After all, as our dear leader says, this hurricane is tremendously big and tremendously wet, tremendous amounts of water. (snorts tea out nose as I laugh again at the stupid.)

Rarely do we ever sit and watch and entire Steelers game. Last Sunday we did. What a mistake. What a miserable game. I kept flipping to the Giants-Jaguars game for SP since he's a Giants fan. That wasn't much better. He'd tell me to put the Steelers game back on. Then I'd change to the Giants. Instead of "arguing" about which game to watch, it was "arguing" over which not to watch since neither of us wanted to watch "our" team.

The weekend was a rainy, chilly mess. It went from 90+ degrees in the early part of last week to only reaching 68 or so last Saturday. We were chilly enough that we turned on the furnace, justifying it as us needing to be sure it still works before winter. Also, the thermostat said it was 68-69 inside, which is where we have the furnace set to run in winter. Sunday we snuggled up under blankets and drank a lot of hot tea.

Saturday dinner out was at Cafe Io in Mt. Lebanon. We went with our neighbors. It was really nice to sit and chat with them. SP & I are boring. We ordered the same dishes as always: the Iovino appetizer, branzino for him, Monster grilled cheese for me, and dessert. This time, it was a strawberry shortcake like dessert.

What We're Eating:

  • Sloppy Joes
  • Salad with chicken
  • Dessert: Bethel Bakery cookies

What We're Watching:

  • We finished Season 2 of Ozark. We enjoyed it but gosh what a tangled web of fragile alliances. And Darlene - she's nuts!
  • We started Season 2 of Iron Fist. We've watched only 1 episode and it's OK so far. 
  • Catching up on Worst Cooks in America, John Oliver, America's Test Kitchen on PBS, Southern & Hungry. Southern & Hungry makes me want to plan a road trip across the southern states.

What I'm Reading:
I don't think I've read anything. We've been too busy with other things. Like obsessively tracking the hurricane to see if our trip could be salvaged. Nope.

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