Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

I saw the fat groundhog today. We call it Otis. It's so fat I can't believe it can actually walk. But then I had a horrifying thought: what if Otis is a girl and is so fat because she's pregnant? We do not need more groundhogs. I'm not even going to look up when they give birth and how many they give birth to because I do not want to know how many destructive monsters could be in the area.

We ripped out the dead petunias and planted mums for autumn. It's time to toss the herbs and winterize the garden boxes. It was definitely a disappointing herb and vegetable year.

I've spent a lot of time this week (wasted a lot of time?) trying to figure out what winter bedding we want for the new bed. It's a king, so our queen blankets and comforter won't work. I don't like heavy comforters. I also don't like most of the comforters I see. Ugly designs, or too light colored for our bedroom. I'm not getting new carpet/re-painting. We're keeping the cream/white carpet and seaside sand paint color. All the light/pale colored things are not right. The gray/black/brown ones are ugly & boring. I didn't want plain. We don't like floral prints. I don't want striped because our summer bedspread is striped. Do we want goose/duck/down or not? And then buy a duvet cover? Or just stick with a comforter? Do we need flannel sheets? Split king sheets are proving difficult to find. We have one set of sheets and they're too cool for winter. We need a new blanket and I want what we have but size king but of course we got it 8-9 years ago so we can't find it now. How can this seem so darn difficult?!

It's just a giant time suck doing all the research and getting overwhelmed/frustrated. Such problems, right? I should be glad/grateful I have a bed under a non-leaky roof in a heated house. And I am. I realize I sound stupid being annoyed by bedding that doesn't satisfy my idea of what I want. 

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:

  • We finished Iron Fist Season 2. It was better than Season 1.
  • We started American Vandal Season 1 on Netflix and so far 3 episodes in, we're really enjoying it.
  • We watched Oceans 8. It was a fun movie.

What I'm Reading:
Magazines. The pile is high.

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