Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

Spiced Biscotti
Sometimes home chores are just a giant pain. We had horrible carpet on the garage floor (the previous owners were obsessed with flooring; remember our carpeted walls? ugh) and it was horrible and stained and awful. SP finally ripped it out but of course, one cannot do any home "improvement" without triggering a bunch of annoying additional issues. I call it the domino effect. Removing the carpet meant there was a gap at the bottom of the garage door. Gap means entry for critters. Thanks to our "territorial view" (woods) we have lots and lots of critters. I do not want a repeat of last March. So SP and a friend tried to put up new, thicker weather stripping but there were still gaps. So we played phone tag with a garage door company for 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I was becoming increasingly paranoid about critters getting in. Finally, today, the garage door experts came out to take a look. We should have just called the experts from the beginning. We need a new channel at the bottom of the door and new weather stripping and of course it must be sized to fit your size garage door. So they have to get the right size and come back out. But soon, I can stop fretting about critters entering through the garage door gaps.

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:

  • We started Man in the High Castle Season 3 on Amazon Prime. We've watched only 2 of the new episodes. I still enjoy it, but sometimes I get confused, not just by the plot but trying to remember all the characters since it has been a while.
  • We started watching Manifest on NBC. Just the first episode so far, so we're behind. We weren't going to add any new shows, but then we decided to try this one. We liked the pilot, so I think we'll stick with it for a while.
  • We also are giving Single Parent on ABC a try. It's on after Modern Family, which we still enjoy. We're both a little unsure of Single Parent. Last night's hamster plot seemed a little too silly to me.
  • This Is Us still makes me teary.
  • I watched a movie, Tully, and it was quite good. 

What I'm Reading:
Magazines. The pile is slowly shrinking.

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