Friday, October 26, 2018

Tricolore Stuffed Pork (Spinach, Provolone, Roasted Red Pepper)

Several weeks ago we made Tricolore Stuffed Pork from the Giada in Italy cookbook. I'm sure I've seen her make this dish on one of her Food Network shows. It always seemed a little intimidating but we needed something new-to-us because we were getting a little bored with our usual go-to meal ideas. This rolled/stuffed pork is actually not that difficult. Of course, SP did all the butchering and stuffing and rolling while I took photos and drank wine. But he didn't curse while doing it the way he has at other kitchen adventures.
Easy first step: slice an onion and put it in a baking dish, add chicken stock.
Also easy: rinse spinach, buy provolone piccante at deli counter, take roasted red peppers out of jar and drain.
Now the harder part. Take a beautiful chunk of pork loin and cut it so it lays flat.
OK, so ours was a little uneven. Oh well. It's still going to cook and be edible, just maybe not as pretty.
Easy part again: layering the ingredients. Cheese first.
Then red peppers.
Then spinach.
Back to a difficult task: rolling it all up like a jelly roll cake. SP had to keep shoving bits of cheese and spinach back in. He finally got it rolled and secured with twine.
Easy part: roast it.
Some of our cheese oozed out. We shoved some of it back in and ate the rest. Mmmmm melty provolone.
The end isn't too pretty, so slice it off.
More like a jelly roll look. Not as pretty as Giada's. But tasty.
We ate extra spinach and red pepper as a side salad. The pork was really good and I liked getting a bite of the stuffing with each piece of pork.

We'll definitely make this again. It does roast for 1-2 hours, so it takes some time, but while it's roasting you can clean up the kitchen and enjoy more wine. We like when the bulk of kitchen clean up is done before we eat.

Recipe here.

*We didn't use all the red pepper and spinach we had rinsed and drained for the stuffing. Not a big deal. It was nice because it meant our side salad was all ready to go.

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