Friday, November 9, 2018

Raspberry Pound Cake

A few weeks ago we were at my parents' place for dinner. I started flipping through some of mom's cookbooks. This Raspberry Pound Cake caught my eye. It has raspberry, cinnamon, and orange. It sounded yummy. I borrowed mom's book and SP & I made it for dessert one weekend.
It's easy to make. I was a little worried about smashing the raspberries too much when I mixed them with the flour.
Ready for the oven. I like that it makes a loaf pan cake, which is about the right size for the 2 of us for a week.
You can see the grated orange zest in the cake, It tastes terrific with the cinnamon and raspberry flavors. It was also a nice, moist cake. Not dry at all. This was really good - we had to control ourselves and not eat most of it in one day. We'll definitely make this again.

Recipe here

*We used fresh raspberries.
*We didn't make the vin santo cream, we used our can of whipped cream.
*The recipe doesn't specifically say to combine the raspberries with some flour, but we did because I think we read somewhere that it helps the fruit stay evenly distributed in the cake and not sink to the bottom.

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