Monday, December 17, 2018

French Broad Chocolate Lounge

I really wanted to stop in French Broad Chocolate Lounge while we were in Asheville but it was proving difficult to find a time when we were hungry enough for a chocolaty treat. We finally went one night after dinner, not because we were especially hungry, but because it was our last chance and because the dessert choices at dinner hadn't excited me.
We ended up ordering tea and I got 2 cookies, then we sat and relaxed in the shop. I discovered on our trip that Earl Grey in Asheville seems to almost always be an "Asheville Earl Grey" which tastes floral to me, which is not a good thing as I do not enjoy floral flavors in my food. That was a little disappointing. But a hot cup of tea definitely hit the spot.

FBCL has lots of delicious sounding dessert options. They have ice cream:
Plus cakes, creme brulee, pot de creme, mousse, trifle, brownies, and drinking chocolates - none of which I photographed. It was a little crowded so I couldn't really take time to take photos and I was trying to balance a lot of stuff on my lap and move myself in the wheelchair. So these are my photos,  which do not do the food justice, or the cute interior justice.
I got Chocolate Dipped Shortbread and Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies. Both were delicious. And pretty darn big.

It's a nice place to sit, relax, sip a hot beverage on a chilly & damp evening while enjoying a treat. Everyone is really friendly and happy. Seriously. Usually people working behind counters who must deal with hordes of customers (who at times ask lots of questions, can be picky, can be demanding) are not so happy and smiley. The guys who brought us our tea were just as happy and made sure to let us know that if we wanted more, just bring up our pot and they'd refill it with more hot water.

Definitely a place we'd return, to try more of the desserts, and to better enjoy and appreciate the lounge.

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