Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Poulet Bleu

Last weekend we met a friend for dinner at Poulet Bleu. It was our second time dining there, his first. SP started with the same cocktail as last time, Sidecar, and then ordered the same wine, Gueissard Bandol Rose. The wine list no longer listed the sauvignon blanc from Touraine, so I chose one from another region: Sauvignon Blanc Fleur du Roi, Bordeaux. I didn't like it as much as the one from Touraine.

Here's what we ordered and shared:
Chips & Dip (20 grams of market caviar, french onion dip). The chips were super thin and tiny, which I liked, but they did break easily when we swiped them through the dip. I don't like caviar, so I avoided that part and enjoyed the creme fraiche dip. My companions thought a couple chips tasted stale - ? But the others were fine, and I had no problem with any of the chips I ate. This was tasty and good to share with people but I'm not sure the two of us would order it again.

Once again I ordered Parisienne Gnocchi (brown butter, confit tomatoes, mushroom ragout, pearl onions, gruyere). It was good, but not as good as last time. There didn't seem to be as many gnocchi and there was a lot of what I think was parsnip and not many mushrooms at all whereas last time there were lots of mushrooms and peas. I was disappointed.
Our friend ordered Boeuf Bourguignon, which was not on the menu last time (and isn't listed online). It wasn't quite what he expected and he said it was good but not great.
SP again chose Trout Almondine (Laurel Hill trout, haricot vert, brown butter, almonds, capers). He said it was as good as last time.

We ordered a large press pot of coffee to share with our desserts:
Fried Beignets (chicory powder, sugar, creme anglaise). These were really tasty. I shook off as much powdered sugar as possible since I didn't want to end up wearing it on my face & shirt!
We also shared a weekend souffle special: Grand Marnier Souffle. I took a lot of photos but they all seemed to come out a bit blurry. Like the chocolate souffle, there are accompaniments:
Cranberries, creme anglaise, vanilla ice cream. I'm not much for the accompaniments with souffle, I just like the souffle, which was very good.
We still like Poulet Bleu a lot, but were definitely disappointed in our second visit. I was very hot inside. It was in the 40's outside but rainy and chilly so I wore a thin long sleeve t-shirt and a thin cardigan and I was uncomfortable. I am usually cold, but not at dinner that night.

It took a long time for dinner to arrive after the appetizers & soup (everyone ordered the French Onion Soup, which was not photographed and which is still so gosh darn delicious). We had trouble catching our servers attention when we wanted anther beverage. Two of us were disappointed in our meals. Water was spilled on the table when refilling the water glasses and I didn't notice until it started to cause issues for me in my area and I had to use my napkin to wipe it up.

We will try it again and hope that service and food are better next time. Our frequent dining partners S&R are going to Poulet Bleu this coming weekend for their second or third time, so we'll be interested to hear about their experience.

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