Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

Last week, about a minute after I made the ENT appointment, my PCP called and told me I needed to start a supplement because my lab work showed low results in a category. After hanging up, I broke down crying. I'm just exhausted and overwhelmed from the sinus infection, the not sleeping, the constant pulsating/whooshing in my ear, constantly needing a fan or the white noise machine running. I've never had such a horrible sinus infection and it's so much more draining than I would have expected. I just didn't cope well with another issue. I wanted to tell the PCP that I would not take the supplement and she can shove it up... well, you know.

But of course I'm taking it because I used the internet to discover 1000 ways I'm going to die next week from being low in this category. The supplement is HUGE. I cannot take huge pills. There is no way I can swallow this pill. There is not enough water in the world to get that thing down before I choke to death. The pharmacist said I can split it, but even split, it's big, and I hate taking a split pill because of the jagged, rough split edge. But wait! You can dissolve it in water!

My new morning routine: Eat breakfast (because you cannot take this on an empty stomach). Dissolve GIANT pill in 4 oz water for 2 minutes. Rapidly stir for 30 seconds. Chug. Add 1 oz water to remaining pill residue. Swirl. Chug. Add 1 more oz water to remaining pill residue. Swirl. Chug. If you're me, add in "Gag, choke, burp, act like you're dying." It's disgusting. Also, I cannot guzzle water. By the time I swallow my first gulp of water, the pill crud has settled in the bottom of the water and at the end of the first 4 oz, I've barely ingested any of the pill.

This lovely process results in my drinking about 16 ounces of water after breakfast/before morning  tea in order to get all the tiny pill grit rinsed out of my mouth, teeth, and the glass and down into my tummy. Then I have my morning tea. And then I spend a lot of time in the bathroom because good grief that's a lot of beverage before 11 am when you get up at 8:30 am. It was especially fun on Wednesday when I took my once/week prescription as instructed: first thing the morning with 8 oz of water, no other food/drink/medicine for 30 minutes, do not lie down. Then after the 30 minute wait, I took my other 3 daily prescription pills that I take at the exact same time every day. Then a bit later, before my banana and coffeecake, I took the ear pill because that has to be taken before breakfast. Finally I ate my banana and coffee cake. Then I took the evil HUGE supplement that requires 16 oz of water. Just imagine we coasting along on a huge wave of water on Wednesday. I almost peed my pants that afternoon. How do people drink this much?!

I guess to look on the positive side, I'm not having any problems staying hydrated.

What We're Eating:

  • Shepherd's Pie
  • Grilled Cheese (ham, Swiss, Mustard, on marble rye bread)
  • Dessert: Apricot-Orange Shortbread Bars

What We're Watching:

  • We watched The Incredibles 2. It was a fun movie.
  • We watched The Flash-Green Arrow-Supergirl three night crossover event, with a special appearance form Batwoman. It was fun but since I only regularly watch one of the three shows, I kept asking SP questions. I think he got annoyed.
  • We're watching the Great American Baking Show, Holiday Edition. 

What I'm Reading:
The magazine pile. And cookie recipes.

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