Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

I'm still recovering from the four day holiday weekend - and the busy week before the long weekend!

There was a lot of cookie baking. Above are the 2018 Holiday Cookies:

  • Top row, left to right: Andes Candies Creme de Menthe Cookies, Pizzelle, Chocolate Dipped Crescent Cookies
  • Middle, left to right: Cappuccino Biscotti, Ischl Tartlets (Linzer Cookies), Cinnamon Spice Cookies
  • Bottom, left to right: Chocolate Chip, Spritz, Triple Ginger

My brother and his family were here for Christmas. It had been eight years since we were all together in Pittsburgh for Christmas, and four years since we all were together in GA for Christmas. It was really nice to have them here. In addition to celebrating Christmas, we celebrated (early) my parents' 50th wedding anniversary with brunch at Eleven and a visit to the History Center for the Destination Moon: The Apollo 11 Mission. We also had Bethel Bakery cake & champagne.

We had a short but good visit with TX BIL and one TX nephew, which was nice. Too bad they didn't bring the Steelers luck that night! But it was still fun to watch the second half of the game with them.

We had both families here for Christmas Eve. GA niece and nephew were a big help with that, setting the table, helping cut vegetables and cheese, making dips, and even helping make dinner. GA niece is 20 now and she's living in an apartment and learning to cook for herself. She was surprised to see us blanching the green beans so we explained blanching to her and then put her in charge of sauteing the green beans. GA SIL helped a lot, too, drying and putting away dishes, niece washed dishes (her grandma's special Christmas dishes) and GA nephew carried all the Christmas dishes and glasses back to the hutch and put them away. My brother? Well he made sure the beer was cold! And he helped carry extra tables and chairs up and down stairs.

It was a super busy but really great four days. I cried a bit after they left because I miss my family. GA doesn't seem so far away, but an 11 hour drive each way isn't fun, and we are all guilty of rarely making the drive.

What We're Eating:

Leftovers from the holidays. Ham, chicken, cheese, veggies & dip, pimiento cheese, lasagna, broccoli, cookies, cinnamon bundt cake, restaurant leftovers.

What We're Watching:

It's been too busy for television. Last night we watched Venom, which was not what I expected, not as good as other comics super hero movies, yet still pretty entertaining.

What I'm Reading:

There hasn't been much time for reading, either, but I half-heartedly flipped through a couple magazines.

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