Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

After writing last week about wanting to finally get new ceiling fans in the sunroom, we went shopping. We drove to a "real" lighting store. We had measured the fans before we left. We were looking for two 40"-42" fans, possibly going up to 44". Turns out that is not so easy to find. Well, not in a style I like. Lots of good styles in 52"+ but not in the smaller size. The "real" lighting store was not helpful, which I found very disappointing, so we went to Lowe's. I found an acceptable style in 44" but of course they only had one in stock. They checked inventory at other stores and suggested we try going to those stores. I was surprised because I thought Lowe's offered free delivery to a store, you pick up, but that wasn't offered to us. So we came home, looked it all up online, and ordered the two fans for delivery to our store and SP picked them up yesterday.

Now we have to get an electrician to install them. There's no way we are tacking this ourselves. One, SP is no longer comfortable standing on a ladder craning his neck up at a ceiling, it makes him kind of dizzy. Two, we're not wasting time trying to level a fan/make sure it's not vibrating or something. That part sounds like a recipe for way too much frustration leading to marital bickering. And three, I'll kill SP if he does something wrong and the fan crashes down on the tile floor and breaks a tile or crashes onto the coffee table and cracks the glass top. Better to make the professionals responsible!

What We're Eating:

What We're Watching:

  • Agents of SHIELD is back. I wasn't very excited. But we watched. It's better than I expected, so I'll keep watching for now. I was ready to quit a couple seasons ago.
  • The final episode of Game of Thrones airs this Sunday. I'm disappointed in the negative reactions to this season. I'm especially disappointed in those fans signing a petition to have HBO remake season 8 with new writers. Seriously. Unbelievable. I fully expected Dany to do what she did. If you didn't, I have to wonder what show you've been watching for the past 7 seasons. There are many examples through her words and/or actions that she could, as Varys said, have her coin land with the wrong side up. Aside from her words/actions in the first 7 seasons, did everyone forget the visions both Dany & Bran had? What did they think caused the destruction to the throne room in the visions? Did they never consider that the snow was actually ash? It's GoT and Martin never seems to go the happy, obvious route. This is why I doubt Jon sits on the throne. Martin has said the main characters end up where they're supposed to end up, so it's not like the HBO writers went in a different direction and changed Dany. I've heard from people who read the books that they were never in doubt about Dany and how her coin lands. That being said, seasons 7 & 8 do feel kind of rushed, but there is so much material and ground to cover in just 6 episodes each season and so many characters to follow/wrap up stories. Also, just because you despise a character and want them to die a horrible death doesn't mean they will. Perhaps instead of looking at is as unsatisfying, look at it as the character died, buried beneath the collapsing rubble of the web of lies and deceit and horrible actions they spun? Just because a character "abandoned" a stated mission doesn't mean the character went backwards. Perhaps the character was smart enough to know the target would die anyway and the character chose life over revenge and certain death?

What I'm Reading:

  • Magazines!
  • I read Noble Beginnings from L.T. Ryan. It was pretty good. A very fast read. I'd like to read all the books from Ryan, but it looks like the library doesn't have all of them. I did request Book #2, so maybe I'll just read as many as I can.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ivy & Bros

On our first full day in Amsterdam, after our 4 hour walking tour, we were hungry. We decided to try Ivy & Bros, which was fairly close to our hotel. Sadly, all the outdoor seats on that sunny day were taken, but we were able to sit just inside the open front door in the sunshine. We tried the iced tea:
Oh my gosh this iced tea is so good. Maybe the best iced tea I've ever had? Or maybe it was so good because it wasn't plain tea. It had spices in it plus an orange wedge and fresh mint.
We could have guzzled many, many glasses of it.

Here's what we ate:
SP ordered Burrata Salad with grilled vegetables (pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, red onion), watercress, lettuce, tomato, romesco sauce, brown bread. He said it was excellent.
I chose Avocado, Bacon, Cheese Open Sandwich with tomato & lettuce. This was really good. The brown bread here, as everywhere in Amsterdam that I ate it, was delicious. Not like the squishy not-so-healthy stuff here in the US and not as hearty & seedy & heavy/dense as the "better" brown breads we buy here.
We went to Ivy & Bros two or three times. On one visit, SP ordered the Soup of the Day, a Tomato Soup. He liked it, but it wasn't tomato soup like we expected, it had a lot of potato, which he wasn't expecting. It was a huge and filling serving.

We really liked this place. The food was delicious. Service was always friendly, maybe a little slow one day, but when you're sitting in the sunshine by a canal in Amsterdam on vacation, why rush?

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Lobby Nesplein

Our first day in Amsterdam we were pretty tired after the overnight flight. We knew we wanted to eat early-ish so we could go to sleep early-ish. At the same time, we were not very hungry. But we set off anyway, to find dinner at Bierfabriek, a place where "we brew our own beer and serve rustic dishes" and the star of our menu is "our free range, slow roasted, chicken." Sadly, they are not wheelchair accessible. The entry, if I correctly recall, had more than 1 step and SP said that after he went inside, there were even more steps. So we went to our back up plan: The Lobby Nesplein in the Hotel V Nesplein.

That turned into quite the adventure as the road/sidewalk leading to it were under constriction with these weird not quite plywood boards plopped all over the road and non-existent curb cuts and mud and ugh. Finally SP left me and went to scout ahead. When he returned, he said that he had gone in to talk to them, he thought he could get me there, we'd have to go in a side entrance and sit in the bar area because there was a pretty big step otherwise. So off we went.
We were seated near the door through which we entered, next to a globe filled with booze. It was a cozy area and everyone was very friendly. They told us up front that they needed our table by 7 pm and we assured them that wasn't a problem (it was around 5:30 pm).

Gin & Tonic for SP. A glass of sauvignon blanc from Touraine for me.

It was definitely not a healthy dinner. It was a dinner of Dutch bar food. First up, Kaasstengels:
Cheese fingers - fried phyllo wrapped cheese. So good.
Beef Bitterballen. Yum!
Breaded & fried meatball. It was served with a mustard sauce, so good.
Finally, Flammkuchen. I think it was arugula, hazelnuts, and bacon. Very tasty.
After making sure we still had time, we ordered hot tea and dessert: Apple Tart.
I don't remember the description, and of course in the last month the desserts on their website have changed, but it was a thin cake layer topped with sauteed apples, then a crumble, then ice cream, then finally topped with an apple chip, all sitting in a pool of caramel sauce. I think the apple chip was my favorite part. It was a really, really good dessert. And so pretty. I felt bad digging into & destroying the pretty apple tower.
We meant to go back before we left Amsterdam but we never got there. Even though we just ate bar food in the bar area, it was a really nice experience, relaxing, good food, good service. Definitely try The Lobby Nesplein if you're in Amsterdam.

Friday, May 10, 2019

De Laatste Kruimel (The Last Crumb)

After dropping our luggage at the hotel, we set off to explore and most importantly, find some food. Fortunately, before we left, we had found a few places near the hotel for a breakfast-lunch meal. The first place we went: De Laatste Kruimel (translation: The Last Crumb). Baked goods. And tea. Yum!
Also sandwiches, quiche, coffee, salads. Plus, menus in English. And as it turns out, English speaking staff.

Wheelchair accessibility can be an issue in Amsterdam. Since buildings paid tax based on the width of canal space they took up, houses are skinny and tall. So lots of stairs. For the most part we managed OK, getting lucky/super helpful people a few times. There is a 1-2 inch outdoor curb to get up before entering the door to the ordering area at De Laatste Kruimel. Then there are 3 steps up to the main seating area. There are a few tables in the entrance/ordering area. I think they were occupied, or too high, when we got there. But there was a tiny, round blue table that you can see below:
That's where we sat! Not exactly a "real" table, but it was somewhere to set a drink and food instead of holding it or balancing it on your lap. We asked first and they said yes, please, and someone came over to make sure we got situated OK. Also, look at the cute seat:
Seating is so tight and limited that there is a seat fashioned to fit the stairs and the table is at the top of the stairs. 
SP ordered while I gawked at the interior like a dorky tourist and then I noticed all these cute teacups right next to me. I tried to touch one but it turns out they are attached to the shelves, probably to stop weirdos like me from fondling and breaking the teacups.
I had Earl Grey tea and SP chose Ginger tea:
Chunks of ginger & wedges of lemon in hot water with honey on the side. He loved his tea so much that we now have fresh ginger nearly all the time in our refrigerator so he can have hot ginger-lemon water at home.
SP's sandwich was Mackerel, greens, lemon mayo on spelt bread.
My sandwich was Tallegio, tomato-rosemary jam, greens, walnuts on seedy multigrain bread.

The sandwiches were yummy. They were just big enough for us. We had flown overnight and snacked our way through the flight, picking at our in-flight meals. It was probably around noon when we ate these sandwiches. We were too full to try a sweet treat but this place did become our go-to for breakfast. SP went every morning to buy croissant, quiche, and tea and brought it back to the hotel for breakfast. So yes, we really liked this little place.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

Last month, we had the doors between the sunroom and deck replaced. It might not have been necessary but truthfully, after almost 11 years in the house, I was tired of "locking" the sliding door with a dowel rod. It just didn't seem like a great idea. I always wanted the real lock to work, but the idiot previous owner didn't align things properly and there wasn't a way to easily fix the goof. Also, the sliding screen door was ripped and mangled from the "tree fell on deck" event last October.

Sunroom, Before
The above is a very, very before photo as it's the photo from the listing when we were looking for homes.

Sunroom, After (this morning)
We've changed a lot about the sunroom. White walls became "Pale Sunshine." Discolored, splitting vinyl floors became tile floors. The red carpet (ugh) was tossed. White washed pine trim became white trim. The sliding door between the dining room and sunroom became French doors. And now the door between the sunroom and deck has gone from a sliding door to a swing door (the middle), no screen door.

The entire thing needed to be replaced - all 3 glass door panels, which are really 1 HUGE panel. The installers were thrilled to have to carry it up the deck stairs. They actually removed part of the deck railing to get it up. Anyway, thousands of dollars later we have a properly locking door. Also, it's now pretty much level with the deck, there's no bumpy 1-2 inch high sliding door track that I cannot roll over. I haven't tried it out yet.

Anyway, last weekend we finally fixed the white trim (molding) around the new doors. The guys did a great job taking it off and reattaching it without destroying it, but still there were nail holes to fix. Also, some of the yellow on the wall around the trim had chipped off. So we patched & taped & painted the trim and put a fresh coat of Pale Sunshine on the walls. Then we thoroughly cleaned the sunroom. My mom mopped the floor/baseboards on her hands and knees. SP took the glass tops off the wicker tables and cleaned both sides. Blankets were washed, electronics moved & dusted, pictures and wind chimes were cleaned. A real spring cleaning.

We still have to clean the the windows and hopefully replace the two hideous ceiling fans that I've hated since we moved in nearly 11 years ago. That's a long time to hate ceiling fixtures and not do anything! I know what I want and where to get it, I just can't decide if I want to spend that much on replacing ceiling fans in a room we can use only half the year (the room is not on the central heat/air system; it has separate electric baseboard heating and no a/c).

What We're Eating:

  • Chicken Tacos (chicken, tomatoes, avocado, cheddar)
  • Grilled Hamburgers/Hot Sausage
  • Dessert: whatever we find in the pantry

What We're Watching:

  • Game of Thrones. I am enjoying it. I need to stop looking at Twitter or other social media because so many people seem to have issues with it this season. Sure, there are some things that maybe aren't great. But I don't take my television entertainment too seriously. It's not real. Read the books. Stop obsessing over Ghost and a coffee cup.
  • Killing Eve. So good. This show and GoT make Sunday the one night that we must be ready for TV by 8 pm and we don't respond to phone calls, texts, etc., from 8~11 pm. The lights are off (we've always watched GoT with the lights off). Phones silenced. Tea brewed. Dessert eaten (can't risk missing your mouth in the dark and having to hunt for food in the dark and miss a key part of a show).
  • We've finally, a month after vacation, have cleared a bunch of stuff off the DVR. We watched the final episodes of Gotham (meh). I watched all my recorded House Hunters, Samantha Brown Places to Love, Restored By the Fords, Americas Test Kitchen.
  • I watched Green Book and thought it was great. ‎Mahershala Ali and ‎Viggo Mortensen are terrific.

What I'm Reading:

  • I read Neon Prey by John Sandford. I'm not reading "totally new to me" books these days, just  reading new books by my usual, favorite authors. I always enjoy the Lucas Davenport books (the Prey books).
  • The magazine pile is shrinking. I'm down to 1 Saveur, 5 Smithsonian, and 1 Pittsburgh Magazine.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Amsterdam Vacation

We've been back from our Amsterdam Vacation for a month. I guess I'm pretty slow with the posts?! I'm trying to enjoy what we cook, where we eat, where we travel and not think about posting. I find that not sharing on social media instantly, or ever, or much, or every little thing, helps. We had a great vacation and loved Amsterdam. It wasn't especially warm when we were there so I was always bundled up and when it rained and was windy, oh my gosh it was cold!
When I think of Holland, I think windmills, clogs, tulips, canals, skinny houses. Sometimes windmills on clogs surrounded by tulips.
I loved the architecture. I always recognized where I was, but honestly, I could not navigate to save my life. Darn rings of canals and alleys and twists and turns. 
Here's what we did in Amsterdam:
Walking Tour
Rode a ferry

We did a lot of walking. We walked through the Red Light District - in the afternoon, not evening. We also explored a lot of the other Amsterdam squares: Munt, Spui, Leidseplein, Nieuwmarkt, Westermarkt and Nordermarkt, Waterloo. Before the trip, I was overwhelmed by all the different areas and couldn't keep them straight but by the end of the trip, I pretty much knew which area had which stuff. I just didn't know how to navigate to/from the areas!
We also made some trips out of the city. One was to Delft to tour the city and the Royal Delft Factory.
Delft is beautiful. It's the birthplace of Vermeer, has a leaning church tower, was where the Dutch East India Company had a large presence, and is famous for its blue & white pottery (of which only one factory remains open).
Another trip was to Keukenhof Gardens to see the tulips. It was at times sunny and beautiful and at other times rainy, windy and cold, but fortunately there were buildings to get out of the cold and rain. At one point, we had our rain coats on over our winter coats (which are not very water resistant).
We also spent a day touring Zaanse Schans, Edam, and Volendam. Volendam is an old fishing village and while there, we were a bit hungry. Our tour guide got some raw herring with raw onion, SP ate some fried fish since he wasn't sure about the onion and fish, and I ate cheese fries. 
We sampled cheese, made sure we got some freshly made stroopwafel, ate lots of poffertjes (tiny pancakes), and tried stamppot. More on the food in upcoming posts.
I really like Amsterdam.  I hope someday we make it back.

Friday, May 3, 2019

White Chocolate Raspberry Bars

It's no secret I like dessert, especially cookies. That's why I bought The Perfect Cookie by America's Test Kitchen. One recipe I've been wanting to try ever since I bought the cookbook in August 2017 is White Chocolate Raspberry Bars. We finally made them last weekend. I wish we'd made them sooner.
They are pretty easy to make. You do have to line the baking pan with parchment paper or foil and grease it. You also have to melt white chocolate, which we sometimes have trouble doing because it tends to seize on us and we have no idea why. This time we used a double boiler and melted chopped baking white chocolate, not baking chips, and it worked great. There is melted white chocolate stirred into the batter and chopped white chocolate mixed into the batter.
These are really good. Can't stop eating them good. We ate all 16 bars in 3 days. The white chocolate adds a nice creamy flavor, the raspberries are sweet and tart, the cookie part is sweet but not overly sweet/sugary. The recipe calls for melted white chocolate to be drizzled on top, but we didn't do that.
Definitely a "Make Again" cookie.

Recipe here.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

We saw Avengers Endgame last weekend. It was good. Not going to say much else in case someone reading this hasn't yet seen it.

Yesterday we had dentist appointments. Every time I go, I cringe from the scraping. They tell me my teeth are in great shape but because of tea I have stains that need to be scraped off. Then they suggest drinking my hot tea through a straw. ? Sipping tiny sips of hot tea through a straw doesn't seem very comforting and satisfying the way a cup of tea is supposed to comfort and satisfy.

What We're Eating:
What We're Watching:
  • The big battle on Game of Thrones! I know. I hear the criticisms. Some I even agree with. But to me the show is more about the throne and who sits on it, all the political intrigue, the scheming and double crossing and such. But still, the big battle, seeing the dragons fight, and seeing X kill the Night King! When X lunged at him we started to cheer. Then NK turned around and caught X by the throat and it looked like X was going to join the undead and we both screamed,"NOOOOOOOO!" I might have started to whimper. But then, X killed him. By now everyone probably knows who killed the NK in GoT, but I'm not going to potentially ruin it. I don't think saying they defeated the NK is a spoiler because really, we all knew the battle was going to happen in this episode and were they going to fight him for 4 episodes? Nope. The last 3 episodes are to see who gets to sit on throne, who else gets killed, who gets double crossed, where our beloved characters end up.
  • Killing Eve. Holy crap Villanelle in Amsterdam!
  • We finished Season 5 of Bosch and enjoyed it as much as the others.
What I'm Reading:
What else? Magazines. Yay. New issues arrived. I think 3 new came and I read 2. I will never get through this pile.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Apricot-Glazed Chicken with Spring Vegetables

We have a lot of recipes that combine the flavors apricot and mustard. We really like the combination which is why this recipe from Food Network Magazine caught my eye: Apricot-Glazed Chicken with Spring Vegetables. I ripped it out, held onto it for a while, and then tossed it because I need to pare down the pages of recipes in my binders and with several other chicken-apricot-mustard recipes, did I really need another?

The answer is yes.

Last week, I was browsing through all my recipes, looking for dinner inspiration. In addition to the binders, I also created a file with as many recipes linked to their sources as possible. Whenever I cut out a recipe, it first goes into the Master Recipe List file linked to the source. The cut out hard copy goes into a binder. As I edit & pare down recipes in the binders, I do not edit/delete the master list on the computer. So even though I removed and tossed this recipe from the binders, I came across it again when I was using the master list to browse dinner ideas.
Long story short: We made it for dinner. It is delicious. It is easy. It is quick. I should have saved the hard copy, but no worries, I printed the recipe. The chicken is juicy. The veggies are crisp. The sauce isn't sticky sweet. The tarragon and lemon pair nicely with the apricot and mustard. It's a "Make Again" dinner. It reheats nicely (leave the lid on).

Recipe here.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Shrimp Fried Rice

We used to make Fried Rice a lot when we couldn't figure out what else to make and needed a quick dinner. It always tasted just OK which is probably why we stopped making it. This past weekend, we decided to try it again. We made a huge batch of Shrimp Fried Rice.

This dish can be easily customized. Your choice of meat/seafood, or none. Egg or no egg. A little egg/a lot of egg. Vegetables. Seasonings. White or brown rice.

We chose shrimp with broccoli, mushrooms, peas, carrots, onion, egg, soy sauce, fresh ginger, rice wine vinegar and white rice.
This was the best fried rice we've ever made. It was really tasty. It could have used a bit more soy sauce, but we can add some more when we reheat it. We got 4 dinners out of this.

Shrimp Fried Rice 

Shrimp (cooked or uncooked, frozen or fresh, peeled, deveined, as many as you want)
2-2.5 cups uncooked rice
2 heads broccoli, florets only
2-3 carrots, diced
24 oz mushrooms (the Costco package), diced
half an onion
half a bag frozen baby peas
2-3 eggs
Soy sauce
1 inch cube of fresh ginger, grated
Rice wine vinegar
Vegetable oil

1. Cook rice the night before (we used our rice cooker). Cool & refrigerate.
2. Blanch the broccoli florets then cut down into tiny pieces of florets and stems.
3. Saute mushrooms until browned and water is evaporated. Set aside on paper towel to drain.
4. Scramble the eggs. We added a splash of soy sauce to the scrambled eggs. Set aside.
5. Saute onions and carrots in a bit of oil. Add a splash of soy sauce and rice wine vinegar.
6. Cook shrimp (unless already cooked). We usually figure 5-6 per person per meal. Set aside when cooked (about 2-3 minutes per side).
7. While cooking shrimp, add rice to onions and carrots. Mix well.
8. When the rice is warm (no longer cold from refrigerator but it doesn't have to be super hot yet) add broccoli, mushrooms, scrambled egg, peas, fresh ginger, soy sauce.
9. When everything is mixed together, hot, and seasoned to your liking (soy sauce, rice vinegar, ginger, salt, pepper), spoon onto plates and top with desired number of cooked shrimp.
10. We portioned out the leftover fried rice & veggie into glass containers for reheating in the oven. Additional uncooked shrimp will be sauteed each night we eat leftover fried rice so that the shrimp doesn't end up overcooked. They only take 2-3 minutes per side.

*You could also add garlic, sesame oil, oyster sauce, chili sauce.
*You could use chicken, pork, ham, whatever you like.
*Other vegetables could be pepper, snow peas, green beans, cabbage.
*We use low sodium soy sauce. If you use regular, watch how much you use so it doesn't get too salty.
*The quantities/ingredients/seasonings are really up to personal preference. Be sure to use cold rice, make sure the vegetables are cooked but not overcooked (so sometimes they need to be cooked separately then mixed in), and don't over cook your protein.
*We prefer a large number of vegetables and less rice which is why we used a lot of vegetables.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

This weekend we are going to see The Avengers Endgame movie and then Sunday night, the big Game of Thrones battle at Winterfell. Gah! I don't want anyone to die! Except Thanos. And Cersei. I stocked up on tissues in my purse for the movie and put a fresh box near the couch for Sunday night.
We had a quiet Easter, here at our house with my parents. The meal was easy, too. We "cheated" with Bethel Bakery paska (with raisins) and cupcakes/cookies for dessert. SP grilled a leg of lamb and we had tomatoes with mozzarella & balsamic plus Spring Vegetables with Warm Vinaigrette. Not a lot of work.
Easter morning SP made popovers. Either we buy milk and then don't use it or we don't buy it and then we want/need it. This time we had some but hadn't opened it and it was over a week old. So to use up some of it, he made some popovers. There were yummy and popped nicely this time.

What We're Eating:

  • Leftover Easter food 
  • Meat sauce (from the freezer) and pasta
  • Dessert: Easter cupcakes and cookies

What We're Watching:

  • Game of Thrones. Episode 2 didn't have any action, but there was lots of interaction between the characters, everyone finally together at Winterfell. And Jon told Dany the truth about his parents. She didn't look happy. I'm starting to not like Dany. I'm starting to hope her dragon eats her.
  • We started Season 5 of Bosch on Amazon. Still good.
  • Killing Eve. That lipstick Villanelle put in Eve's bag. Yikes!

What I'm Reading:

  • The magazine pile finally just toppled over. The top of the pile started to slide sideways and then everything slid onto the floor. A slow motion disaster. I'm trying to read them, but every day something interferes. Well, OK, sometimes I let myself get distracted by reading Game of Thrones theories. And sometimes I have an accidental nap in the afternoon. And sometimes I can't stop playing Wordscapes. 
  • I read Broken Bone China by Laura Childs. It was enjoyable, light & easy reading. Somehow I requested the large print version! I wore my glasses anyway but gosh the print was huge!
  • I also am flipping through a couple cookbooks I borrowed from the library. I need dinner inspiration! 

Friday, April 19, 2019


Last weekend we went with S&R to Mezzo for dinner. We've been there several times and always enjoy tasty food and cocktails. Here's what we enjoyed this time:
I had chardonnay, S had a red wine, and SP & R, the gin drinkers, enjoyed a gin cocktail called Phantom's Revenge but we do not recall the ingredients. It was pretty. The drink & the glass (there was pretty etched design on the glass).
SP started with Fried Eggplant (golden raisin and pine nut relish, roasted eggplant puree, arugula, balsamic reduction).
R started with Beef Tartare (onion and garlic agrodolce, crispy garlic, dijon emulsion, espellette pepper, salt & vinegar chips). S had the Arancini (smoked carrot, jalapeno, parsley) but I didn't take a photo.
I chose Burrata (treviso, frisee, shaved root vegetables, champagne vinaigrette, garlic croutons, basil pesto). Yes, the croutons and pesto are on the side for me. Garlic. Yuck.
For my entree, I chose Lamb Bolognese (tortiglioni, tomato, Parmesan). So good.
Surprising me, SP chose a pasta dish: Linguine (olive, anchovy, caper, artichoke, olive oil, garlic, lemon, parsley, pistachio).
For dessert SP and R chose Lemon Semifreddo (pistachio financier, raspberry-blood orange syrup). The lemon semifreddo was yummy (I stole a bite).
S & I chose Chocolate Crema (stracciatella ice cream, salted caramel, chocolate shortbread crumble). This was delicious but so dense and rich. I could manage only half of it and I brought the rest home.

We all like Mezzo. The food is good, the service is good, meals are nicely paced, and this time was no exception.